best chakla belan for kitchen

Making a chapathi or roti in proper shape is a challenge specially for a beginners thats why a wooden chakla belan is most essential need in kitchen. It just not gives smoth rolling action while making roti, chapathi and puri but also makes them in proper round shape. 

A chakla provides a stable and soild base to keep roti/ chapathi dough and the belan helps stretching the roti to get the perfect shape. So if you are searching online for the best chakla belan sets then I have selected top best chakla belan for kitchen in india.

What is the best material for chakla? Marble chakla vs Wooden chakla

The chakla's material plays a very important role as the dough is not to be stick to the chakla material since it is very tough and annoying to make the cooking process harder. Let's look at the 2 main types of chakra material and see the best one.

Marble chakla

If you have a question which material is best for chakla belan then marble chalka belan will be a perfect answer because as a stone marble is highly durable.

Marble chakla belan sets are one of India's best-selling products on amazon.  They feature a smooth, perfect surface that is often often anti-skid.

High Quality Marble chaklas belan sets are commonly carved with a single marble rock piece. Mostly these chakla sets lasts longer and is easy to clean but needs polishing after some time. They are heavy & expensive as compared to wooden chakla belans.

Wooden chakla

Wooden chakla belans are the popular choice in the Indian kitchens due to its lightweight and easy availability. These chaklas are not only lightweight, but also easy to use & provide the kitchen a lot of style.

A wood chakla is perfect for beginners, because it is easy to handle and easy to use. The greatest thing about a wooden chakla is that the quality and taste of the food will not be impacted.

A wooden chakla is available is different wood types like teak & sheesham wood 

One negative thing about wooden chakla is you need keep it dry because wood is more likely to attract moisture, so you have to care it properly.

Other then marble & wooden, chakla belan sets are also available in granite & steel. You can choose as per your requirements.

Which chakla Belan is best for home kitchen?

  • ScentRose Wooden Chakla with Belan
  • Shopnetix Wooden Polpat-Roti Roller & Chakla set
  • Aadinath Collection 10inch Wood Chakla-Belan Set
  • Sri Balajee Bangles wooden Chakla Belan
  • ITOS365 10 inch Handmade Wooden Chakla Belan

Chakla Belan set wooden under 500 Rs

ScentRose Premium Quality Wooden Chakla with Belan | Rolling Board & Rolling Pin

Chakla Belan set wooden

Chakla Belan set wooden under 500 Rs
  • Carved Out a Single Piece of Wood without any Joint.
  • Durable, Eco Friendly and Safe. Uncoated and Unglued.
  • Chemical/Colour Free Surface. 100% Natural Product.
  • Preferred for Health Conscious People.
  • Size : Rolling Board (Chakla): Diameter 10 inch, Height 5 cm, Weight 800 gm, Rolling Pin(Belan): 13 inch,
  • Superb Natural Finish and Easy to use. Original Wooden Product. Handcrafted by Rural Artisans.
  • Approx Price Rs 500-600

Sheesham wood Chakla Belan set under 500

Shopnetix Wooden Polpat-Roti Roller/Chakla-Belan/pata belan

Best Chakla Belan
Sheesham wood Chakla Belan set under 500

A beautifully handcrafted round wooden rolling board helps to make the perfect roti, bread, paratha or chappati.

  • Brand - Shopnetix
  • Material - Sheesham wood (Chakla + Belan)
  • Size - 9 inch rounded Wooden Chakla & Wood Belan - 12 Inch
  • Moisture-resistant maple hardwood which gives
  • Premium quality with greater durability and strength
  • Care Instructions - Always use Dry Cloth to clean
  • Approx Price Rs 300-400

cheapest chakla belan in india

Aadinath Collection 10inch Wood Chakla-Belan Set/Roti rolling & Board

wooden chakla belan

cheapest chakla belan in india

A handmade round wooden chapathi board helps to make the perfect roti, prui, chapathi and parathas.

  • Material - wood (Chakla + Belan)
  • This rolling pin is made from durable, moisture-resistant hardwood.
  • The pin boasts rust-proof Nylon bearings for a smooth rolling action.
  • Approx Price Rs 300-400 (Cheapest option for small families)

Best Chakla Belan for Kitchen under 500

Sri Balajee Bangles wooden Chakla Belan, chapathi maker for kitchen

sheesham wood chakla belan
Best Chakla Belan for Kitchen under 500
  • 12 inch chapathi roller stick inside package
  • 10 inch chapathi maker base
  • Real good quality Handmade wooden product.
  • Hand Made Wooden Set made of Sheesham Wood.
  • Easy to use and wipe clean.
  • Approx Price Rs 400-500 (under budget)

Best pata belan for kitchen

ITOS365 10 inch Handmade Wooden Chakla Belan

sheesham wood chakla belan
Best pata belan for kitchen
  • Size : rolling board (Chakla): diameter 10 inch, rolling pin (Belan)-13 inch
  • Material : wood, wooden chakla/roti maker and belan/ rolling pin
  • Daily use pata belan for kitchen
  • It is made from pure sheesham wood.
  • Approx Price Rs 650-750

So finally we have presented my list of best chakla belan for kitchen which will help you to select the best pata belan on your budget.

FAQ For Chakla Belan for Kitchen

Which type of chakla Belan is best?

A wooden chakla is excellent since the quality and taste of food will not affect. They are easier to use and maintain and available easily at affordable price.

How do you clean Belan?

A wooden belan must be washed with a little warm water, and dried quickly with help of cotton towel.

Clean belan with brush and use soap or dishwashing powder in warm water then
quickly rinse the belan.