Best Flushable Wipes

Making the right health decisions can be challenging; however, with a complete range of products and many solutions, wipes are better than dry tissue. In addition, it allows you to take care of your family with confidence. Flushable wet wipes are sturdier than toilet paper. The moisture helps the cleaning process by effectively removing anything unwanted, giving you a fresher toilet experience.

We've researched, reviewed and picked five of the top best flushable wipes for septic tanks or septic system. All you need to do is find out which among them suits your lifestyle and needs. Are you ready? Then let's start checking out best septic safe flushable wipes one at a time.

What Is A Flushable Wipe Used For?

A Flushable Wipe is a type of wipe that can be flushed down the toilet.

The most straightforward way to describe them is as a substitute for ordinary toilet paper. In reality, the ins and outs are more in-depth because they are typically viewed as the greatest solution to thoroughly clean your sensitive areas.

Flushable Wipes Uses

Hand sanitization

It'll be a miracle if you don't acquire some gunk on your hands while reattaching your bike chain, pumping up your tyres, filling up your gas tank, or eating a burrito. Wipe your hands thoroughly with damp tissues to remove grime.

During periods

When you're on your period, moist toilet tissues are ideal for cleaning yourself up, especially if you use a pad. The wet wipes are biodegradable and flushable. Period pads are biodegradable but not flushable, so make sure you throw them away or compost them instead of flushing them down the toilet!

Wiping bums

Wipes are commonly preferred by the elderly and disabled, as well as those who find it difficult to bend or clean effectively with regular toilet paper. Wipes are also quite useful for toilet-training children and those who need to clean up during their period. They're a great way to get some extra cleaning done.

Moist wipes are ideal for baby bums – and the messes that come with cleaning baby bums! The moist tissues are ideal for giving a fast wipe to a changing mat or a potty. Simply clean up and then flush them down the toilet.

Getting ready

So maybe it's a stinking hot day, you've spent your lunch break at the gym, or you're concerned about an important meeting. To get rid of any sweaty odours and feel refreshed and cool, give your body a quick once-over with a moist cleansing wipe.

For camping, picnics and traveling

Carry a pack of wet wipes with you if you're using reusable cutlery or need to clean your camping equipment. Before putting them back in your luggage, wipe them down and remove any excess dirt with tissues. If you don't have access to a sink, this is a great alternative.

Taking care of the mess left by newborns and toddlers

Natural, organic, and cleaning, wet wipes are ideal for your family's sensitive skin. Flushable baby wipes are ideal for a quick clean around your child's mouth if they have gotten food on their face.

It's not just about the faces either. If you're out and about with toddlers and toys, that toy will inevitably fall to the ground. Before handing it back to them, give it a quick clean down with moist tissues!

Other baby cleaning wipes on the market include biodegradable baby wipes, which are made entirely of organic cotton fabric. Although these are not flushable, they are biodegradable, so you may toss them in the trash and forget about them.

Taking care of pets

A wet wipe is ideal for wiping down pets before letting them back into the home after a winter stroll — a quick fix to avoid muddy paw prints all over the carpets, flooring and sofa

Keeping a pack in the car is a good idea

Car travels can be rough, which means spillages are possible. Keep a pack in your car so you can quickly mop up any spills.

What are the Best Flushable Wipes For a Septic System tanks?

After understanding the uses of wet flushable wipes one question comes in mind which wet wipes are really flushable?

Most wipes are made of of plastic that doesn't breakdown easily which leads to blockage in the spetic tank, so those wipes which use biodegradable fiber can quickly break down in water are really flushable. For your convenience i have listed down some top quality septich safe flushable wipes.
  1. Equate fresh scent flushable adults wipes.
  2. Cottonelle flushable toilet wet wipes.
  3. Dude flushable wet wipes.
  4. Nice and clean flushable moist wipes.

Flushable Wipes: What to Look For before buying


As with any product you buy, it's always a good idea to double-check that it was made without using any animals. Many manufacturers will boldly advertise this on their website or on their packaging, so you can check on this vital quality with a little searching.

Ingredients that are good for you

Because you'll be wiping a sensitive area, you'll need ingredients that are safe. Two of the best elements for sensitive skin are nourishing and gentle. Aloe vera and vitamin E are two ingredients that aid to heal the area. Some products will have extra moisturisers for a smoother wiping experience, but check to see if they are harsh or gentle on the skin.

Breakdown Instantly

The wipe must break down fast in order to avoid causing an obstruction. The better brands use plant-based fibres in their flushable wipes, which begin to decompose as soon as they are flushed. Before you click the buy button, look for this, as well as a product that claims it is safe for sewer and septic tanks.


Let's face it, when it comes to wipes like these, no one needs aq scent. The better products provide everything you require without forcing a fresh lemon scent down your throat. This also indicates that they will be tolerated by a larger portion of the family.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

This is related to being fragrance-free, but as long as the flushable wet wipe you purchase don't include anything extra in the mix, they should be OK for sensitive skin. Finding a product that does not contain alcohol, parabens, dyes, or any other harsh chemicals is often a smart approach to choose best flushable wipes that will not irritate the skin.

Wipes with Sturdiness

This may appear to be a no-brainer, but you'd be amazed how many companies do it wrong. Flushable wipe must break down easily when flushed, yet they must always stay in one piece while using. The superior brands are known for this, so don't sacrifice on the wipe's quality and sturdiness just to save a few dollars.


If the brand you're considering comes in a huge pack with more than 40 wipes, that's fantastic; you can use it at home. Some folks, on the other hand, prefer flushable disposable wipes so much that they carry a travel bag with them. As a result, you can use them at work or at a friend's house if the need arises. Look for flushable wipes that are individually wrapped for easy accessibility.

Good Price

You don't want to be caught short on your toilet break, just like you don't want to be short on toilet paper. The best flushable wipes are all available in multi-packs, allowing you to store up and use them in multiple restrooms. Look for a product that comes in numerous packs with a large number of flushable wipe to ensure that you have enough wipes to last a long period.

Best septic safe wipes reviews 2021

Here is a review of great value flushable wipes which are safer for septic tanks.

Best wet Wipes for Septic tanks

Best wet Wipes for Septic System

Best Flushable Wipes

 At number one are the equate fresh scent flushable wipes

These flushable toilet wipes are soft fresh-scented wet wipes. They provide a gentle, effective clean for you & your baby skin, feel confident and refreshingly clean and recommended as best flushable wipes for septic system

Traditional wet wipes are from coarse fabrics that do not break down in the water and can potentially cause extensive damage to your septic system. These incredible wet wipes easily break apart. Some of the ingredients included are chloride phosphate, water acetate, citric acid, glycerin chamomilla Recutita, flower extract fragrance and aloe.

After flushing, it reduces the chance for blockages in the waste management system.

These are excellent wipes for sensitive skin. They're hypoallergenic and free of alcohol and parabens. It's also infused with vitamin e and soothing aloe extract that's perfect for ultra-moisturizing cleanliness.

These fantastic products are great for any time you need a quick cleanup.

These affordable flushable wet wipes come in a value pack containing three packages with 48 wipes each, and it totals 144 wipes.

It has an easy to use resealable peeling pack that ensures the wipes stay moist and allows easy access whenever you need them.

Toilet paper breaks down quickly, but it shows that these great wipes also meet the flushable product guidelines in independent lab testing. Ignoring disposal instructions, though, may lead to clogs, property damage or regulatory violations.

Best flushable toilet wet wipes for septic

Best Flushable Wipes for Toddlers Potty Training

Best Flushable Wipes for Toddlers Potty Training

At number two are the Cottonelle flushable toilet wet wipes.

This refill pack comes with 336 total wipes. The flushable wipes are designed for toilets and tested by professional plumbers.

It's the only flushable wet wipe endorsed by the wastewater utility. These organic wet wipes are amazingly made with plant-based fibers and free of plastic.

The cottonelle flushable wipes is 100% flushable and immediately starts to break down after flushing. It can make sewer safe and septic safe, plus it has cleaning ripples in the texture that provides softness.

These incredible wet wipes are also alcohol-free, paraben-free, dye-free and contain no harsh chemicals. It's also sustainably sourced for responsibly managed forests. 

These flushable baby wet wipes are highly recommended for everyday use hygiene or potty training toddlers. 

It's also available in peel and reseal soft packs, flip-top lids, refillable tubs, refill packs and on the go convenient travel packs to meet all of your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Stock up now and save these septic safe flushable wipes in bulk to get delivered right to your doorstep.

To avoid the danger of suffocation using this product, keep the bag away from babies and children.

Dispose of the plastic divider inside the bag properly and do not use or flush the divider. 

There you have our first two best flushable wipes. If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comment box, and we'll take care of them immediately.

Best flushable wipes for septic tanks

Best Rated Flushable Wipes for Toilet

Best Rated Flushable Wipes for Toilet

At number three on the list of best flushable wipes are the dude wipes flushable toilet wipes.

The impressive dude wipes are made with plant-based fibers and are certified sewer and septic safe.

These septic safe wet wipes are fragrance-free, you won't get blindsided by a load of lavender, but you'll feel fresher than ever.

These kinds of wipes are certified as some of the best flushable wipes for septic system on the market. They can be used as a toilet paper substitute.

These affordable unscented wipes have eight dispenser packs for that 384 total count.

It's also TSA-approved individually wrapped single packs for great travel.

These natural flushable wipes are made with plant-based fibers and are certified flushable to break down and disperse in septic system or septic tanks.

These extra large flushable wipes are good for adults to use because these are 25 larger than average flushable wipes for elderly.

Wipes being unscented and paraben-free, they also have a soothing aloe and vitamin e for fresh care formulated for sensitive areas.

These winning wipes get a visionary award at the vision 2013 consumer products conference.

These quality wipes are also best for sensitive skin for a quick wipe of the face, hands, or armpits.

Try to keep these commercial wipes out of the reach of children unless they're supervised.

Best Wet Wipes For Septic system

Best Flushable Wipes for Environment

Best Flushable Wipes for Environment

At number four is the nice and clean flushable moist wipes.

They come in three packs of 60 wipes a piece totaling 180 wipes and is the cheapest flushable wipe option on our list.

These flushable biodegradable wipe have an aloe and vitamin e and are softer than regular toilet paper. They're also septic safe.

They're made with eco flush technology and 100 plant-based fibers makes them safest flushable wipes for septic tanks and septic system.

These fantastic disposable wet wipes have well-maintained sewer and septic systems as a complement to toilet paper. They're thick and flushable, being soft and firm. 

These toilet disposable wet wipes are easily flushed in any well-maintained septic system. They're made of stylish packaging and have a resealable moisture lock lid to dispense and store wipes quickly and easily.

These biodegradable wet wipes are best for toddlers cleaning up spills or helping to make potty training easier and also good for camping, backpacking and hiking.

The perfect wet wipes are great as a toilet paper complement. You'll feel it's much softer than toilet paper, along with being flushable and cleaner.

These eco friendly flushable wipes are also proven to pass through sewer systems and are compatible with wastewater treatment plants. They have a resealable moisture lock lid that's convenient and discreet. 

These septic-safe wet wipes aren't just of high quality. They're comfortable and easy to use. 

These affordable flushable wipes are equipped with an easy to open resealable dispenser; anyone can easily open the lid, take a wipe and close it again with a single hand.

Wipes caring for your family as well as the earth is very important; that's why these wipes are designed with gentle, sustainable materials.

You'll love the simple ingredient list that these wipes have and the fact that they are made from 100 plant fibers, so they're completely biodegradable. 

There we go with the review of best flushable wipes for septic tanks or septic system.

How to dissolve flushable wipes in septic tank

So how to dissolve flushable wipes in septic tank? There is no product which can dissolve wipes or dippers, as these wipes are made of non woven fabric which can’t be broken down inside the septic system. Snaking or enristing expert help is the only option to remove flushable or baby wipes from the septic tank.

Although some of the wipes are promoted as flushable wipes and we can flush them effortlessly. Yes, they're going to flush, So should we do it? The answer is No.

Any kind of wipes can't break down in septic tanks even if you use chemicals.


What You Shouldn't Flush Down the Toilet?

  • Diapers & Sanitary napkins
  • Cigarette butts and filters
  • Human & Pets hairs
  • Plastic bottles, caps & boxes
  • Wooden Pieces or waste
  • Dental Floss
  • Cotton balls and buds
  • Medical waste, Medicines and other chemicals

What are the signs of full septic tank?

1. Strange odours both inside and outside your home could indicate that your septic tank is full and needs to be pumped.

2. When your septic tank is full, sewage can back up into through toilets, sinks, and drains.

3. It's possible that you have a full septic tank if you notice slow draining in sinks and tubs, and your toilet flushes slowly even after you've used plungers to unclog it.

Are flushable wipes better than toilet paper?

Yes, because flushable wipes is tougher than toilet paper. Moisture aids the cleaning process by eliminating anything undesired more effectively, resulting in a cleaner toilet experience. On the other hand the texture on toilet paper, makes cleaning a little hard.

Are flushable wipes good to use with septic tank?

If you have a septic system at home, please do not use flushable wipes, flush them through the toilet. Unfortunately, a well-marketed product does not meet its hype. However, flushable wipes are not good for your septic system. 

Are equate flushable wipes safe for septic tanks?

According to the consumer reports Equate wips are “sewer and septic safe” and “breaks up after flushing.” but they advice don't flush wipes in the toilet because in their standard tests flushable wipes didn't break apart even they tested them in mixer for then minuites where as toilet paper breaks down quickly.

Are Dude Wipes safe for septic systems?

The INDA GD4 international flushability standard has verified DUDE Wipes to be flushable. This indicates that our dude wipes break up in sewage or septic systems according to the GD4 criteria Guideline.

Are wet wipes environmentally friendly?

Because most wet wipes aren't biodegradable, they could take 100 years or more to decompose in landfills. While wet wipes should never be flushed, so always look of biodegradable options available that will decompose naturally once used. 

Are Cottonelle flushable wipes eco friendly?

Cottonelle is a brand of environmentally friendly flushable wipes.

These wipes are ideal for use with all sewage and septic systems when paired with plastic-free toilet paper. They also have been certified by wastewater utility as safe to flush.

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