How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable:

To get perfect sleep every night, we thought of a 5 air mattress hacks to make your best air mattress more comfortable every night.

Hacks for the mattress alone

1. How to make the air mattress more comfortable? Filling it up can be the easiest trick in the world. You just need to double the hole of the mattress with a can of a filler, and also fill the hole with some kind of powder. 

It’s like a little memory foam mattress. When you take the air mattress out for a longer time, your foam is able to soak up the sweat of your skin. There’s a nice selection of self-inflating air mattresses at that we recommend you try. 

Here are a few suggestions: These are amazing mattresses to sleep on, but a downside is the risk of the flammability, so just be aware of that! You will notice that you will feel lighter and you will have a lot more space around you. The Best Air Mattress – Genuine Advantage Double Layer Air Mattress.

Hacks for the air mattress and sheets

Turn off the filter on your air mattress once it’s filled To make sure your air mattress is set properly, do this: unplug the pump from your air pump. Turn the pump back on. 

If you’ve made a mistake, it will stop you from having to deflate and air up the mattress. Then wait 10 minutes, then fill your mattress with air. 

How to make a comfy bed Make the bed using memory foam Make the memory foam top of your mattress by just adding two old pillows to each side of the air mattress. Put them up to the very top and then place a layer of blankets or sheets on top. 

To make the mattress firmer, use heavier bedding. Add a comforter to your mattress Use an extra blanket as a comforter for your mattress. It will keep you warm in cold rooms.

Hacks for the air mattress and mattress topper

Make the frame as thick as possible, so it feels more solid. Or add a bit of foam and a layer of foam between the thick mattress and the flexible plastic tubes to make the mattress thicker. 

Hitting the walls is still okay as it will help support the mattress, but you can make it so the wall is not the center of gravity. Or have it attached to the walls. Use different thicknesses of air mattress toppers: a thinner one works better than a thicker one, or a lot of them. 

Add padding and foam between the mattress and the air mattress topper. Or at least make the actual mattress a little more durable and rigid with a foam filling. 

Use the mattress topper to make the bed taller or at least not as flat. What else can you do? Pin your air mattress mattress to the wall, and that’s it. 

Hacks for the air mattress and bed frame

If you're not already aware, air mattresses and mattresses made of traditional hard wood aren't the same. Air mattress and traditional wood-based mattresses need to be inflated with an air pump or pump. 

Unfortunately, most air mattresses and bed frames don't come with an air pump. You're left with a few options. Find an expensive replacement. Don't let the cost of your mattress scare you off. 

Since air mattresses and mattresses aren't as easy to fix as a traditional mattress, you'll want to spend as little as possible if you're going to choose to spend $300-400+ on a mattress. 

If you're looking for a quality air mattress to last, look for one that can be replaced fairly easily. Search online and/or in your area for a local source for used air mattresses.

Hacks for a bed frame and sheet set

Take your queen mattress out of the box and set it on a flat surface on your home. If the mattress is all one piece, put the box underneath to save space. Roll up your queen mattress and put it in a box so you can use it for your bed frame. You can also roll the box up and store it in your closet. 

The mattress will be protected from getting bent or crumpled. Roll up your queen mattress and put it in a box so you can use it for your bed frame. You can also roll the box up and store it in your closet. 

The mattress will be protected from getting bent or crumpled. If you want to buy an air mattress, order one with a box. This makes it easier to pack. Place the mattress inside the box and wrap the box all around it, and then tape the box shut.


These air mattress hacks will help you make your mattress more comfortable. Some of them are pretty obvious, but we hope that you learn something new.