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Hair styling at home is a cost-effective way to achieve in trend hair style results, thanks to the range of hair styling tools available today. While there are advantages to doing your hair styling at home, it can be harmful if you do not take the appropriate precautions to protect your hair from harm and breakage.

 It's necessary to understand that just because anything that looks nice doesn't mean it is perfect and was done properly with care. It's critical to manage and preserve your hair's health, particularly when using heat tools such a flat iron hair straightener.

Flat Iron Mistakes To Avoid

Here are 9 flat iron mistakes to avoid while using hair straightener.

Flat Iron Cleaning 

Cleaning your flat iron may not be at the top of your priority list, but it must be done on a regular basis. As you use your iron on a regular basis, a lot of hair gel and residue accumulates. This residue will affect the smoothness with which your flat iron works, possibly resulting in snagged or burned hair. Cleaning your flat iron with water and rubbing alcohol should probably be sufficient, or you can purchase a cleaning product made specifically for flat irons.

Not using Heat Protectant Products

When people try to straighten their hair without heat protectant, they've made a mistake. The majority of these products are successful at protecting hair from the damage caused by heat. These products can reduce the amount of hair damage and the amount of frizz while also enhancing smoothness.

Wet Hair Flat Ironing

Never, ever iron your hair when it's wet. Water causes steam, which bubbles up within your hair shafts. The sizzle you hear is the steam, which dries out your hair and makes it weak. If you straighten hair that has not been dried, it will not be as straight as it would be if it were dry. As a result, it's a complete lose-lose scenario.

Skipping Blow Dryer

To stop your hair from overheating, you may be tempted to ignore the hair dryer and let it air dry. Although this may work for others, it may cause you to use more heat when straightening your hair than if you took the time to blow it out first. A lower heat setting is an excellent option when styling hair with an ionic hair dryer — it gives a sleek finish and less frizz. It also enables you to easily create a smooth look that is not damaged.

Wrong Heat Setting

Although it may seem sensible to avoid high heat levels, it is better to use a setting that is too high than too low to avoid damaging your hair. You will probably have to run the iron through that section of hair several times in order to get the desired effect.This puts you at a risky chance of injury and is simply ineffective. You can save time by using a medium to high configuration.

Too Much Flat Ironing

Using heat on your hair everyday is bad. It's fine to use a flat iron once or twice a week if necessary, but there are ways to keep your style without touching it up daily. If your hair is curly, pin curl it at night to keep it in place as you sleep. To attain the desired effect, you can also use stylong tools like flexi rods or rollers. If your hair is straight, tie a ponytail or fold it around your head with pins before going to bed. Next day when you wakeup you only have to brush your hair and go outside. 

Moisturizing isn't done properly

To prevent breakage and split ends, make sure to moisturize your hair. If you don't, it will dry out, and you'll have a lot of problems. La Muse Beauty's Argan Oil is a great way to moisturize your hair and heal it from the inside out. It has essential vitamins and nutrients that will infuse your hair with moisture.. Moisturizers add bounce and shine to your hair, giving you a polished finished look straight out of Glamour.

Not thoroughly detangling

If you're going to style your hair, you should make sure it's completely tangle-free. In order to get the sleek, smooth look you want, you first need to comb or brush from the ends to the roots. If you don't detangle before styling, you're going to end up with broken, damaged hair. You won't get the perfect look you want. It's a good idea to use a moisturizer, a bottle of oil, or a leave-in conditioner to assist with the combing of tangles. This will save you a lot of hair frustration.

Before applying heat, you use too much hairspray

If you see smoke while you're flat ironing your hair, it is likely because you used too much product. It's a good idea to use a little hair spray, but it's important to not use too much. Lopez says: “It can cause some breakage, particularly on blonde and fine hair.” To help control frizz, use a light hold hairspray.

Tips to Protect Your Hair

If you use a straightener regularly, here are 5 tips to help protect your hair

  • Look for a hair tool with temperature adjustment.
  • Spray or serum with heat protection.
  • Do not iron the same part more than once.
  • Dry your hair as in the air.
  • Regularly treat damaged hair.

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