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Most companies today trying to go paperless but on occasions a hard copy is necessary. These documents may contain sensitive information such as financial statements, medical records or passwords. No doubt these documents need to be destroyed at some point. 

You might have many documents filling up your filing cabinets or desk. When it's time to get rid of all that paper and reduce waste, a small paper shredder can be your best friend. 

We've done the homework and compiled a list of the Best Paper Shredder for Small Office available today so let's begin.

Buying Guide for Best Paper Shredder for Small Office 

At first glance, buying the best paper shredder that destroys the most paper in a quick motion can appear to be a simple task. However, there are some additional considerations to make when making your decision:

Security levels:

Safety levels are often used to identify paper shredders. The security level rating is determined by the size of the paper pieces after they have been shredded.

There are seven levels of security, ranging from P1 (lowest) to P7 (highest level). In general, each form of paper cut is assigned a security level: strip cuts are P1 or P2; cross cuts are P3 or P4, and micro-cuts are P5 to P7.

High security paper shredder having P6 or P7 level can cuts paper into smaller particles but are very expensive and could cost around $1500-$2000.

Unless you have top-secret national security information, you won't need such a high level of security. A cross-cut level P4 or a micro-cut level P5 would suffice for the majority of people.

Cut type:

Paper shredding has 3 styles of cutting: strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut.

The most common shred style is strip-cut. These shredders just cut paper lengthwise, resulting in confetti-like strips. They're usually only recommended for shredding documentation that contains no confidential details.

Cross-cut paper shredders, on the other hand, shred paper lengthwise and widthwise using two sets of blades to create smaller strip bits. This cut style is suitable for a wide range of documents, including those containing sensitive and confidential information.

Finally, micro-cut shredders have the highest level of protection by shredding paper into ten times tiny particles than cross-cut shredding. They're made for extremely sensitive documents and also come highly recommended by government agencies.

Sheet capacity:

The number of sheets available. How many pieces of plastic and paper would you like to shred at once? The sheet capacity indicates how many sheets a shredder can handle at one time.

If you deal with a lot of sensitive documents and have to dispose of them often, having the right sheet capacity is critical to completing a task rapidly.

Basic models can only shred 6-8 pages at a time, while medium models can shred up to 30 pages and higher-end models can shred up to 150 pages.

Cool down and run time:

Shredders have their limitations. They usually need a few minutes to cool down after working nonstop. The amount of time it takes to cool down varies by unit, but it usually takes minimum 30 minutes.

Shredders also have a limited run-time. The run-time indicates how long it will shred paper without having a break. Some units have a 20-minute run time, while others might run longer.

Consider a paper shredder with a longer run time and a shorter cool-down time if you want less interruptions.

Waste basket:

When shredding papers, It can be inconvenient to clean a small waste bin on a regular basis so Larger bin capacities, ranging from 6 to 9 gallons, are recommended. (Be aware that when the shredder shreds sheets of paper into smaller bits, a waste bin will contain more particles.)

The type of container, whether it's a pull-out basket or a lift-off basket, is also something to think about. Pull-out baskets open from the front, making it easier to remove and empty them. Shredders with lift-off baskets open from the top and have a reputation for causing messes when lifted, particularly when they're overflowing.

Best Shredder for Home Office Use Reviews

Before you buy a commercial paper shredder online you must know all benifits and use features of about the cutting machine, so here is the review for best paper shredder machine for office use.

Best Paper Shredder Machine For Office Use

Number one on the list is from Sentinel the On Guard paper shredder 6 sheet stripcut.

This model is one of the best paper shredder because it works well for both home and office settings.

This budget-friendly stripe-cut shredder can help you in disposing a few papers in bulk. On-guard can shred up to six paper sheets at the same time. It can cut paper into 8 MM strips that you can dispose of quickly. Precisely cuts any documents at 7.9 feet per minute. It has plenty of speed to hasten the clearing of your files.

This stripe-cut shredder's waste bin can contain paper and trash up to 2.1 gallons. In this capacity although small is proportionally matched to the product size.

This design can help you maximize machine's tearing output without overworking. Before this small office paper shredder reaches its largest shredding capability. Its overheat indicator lights up to signal that machine needs to cool down. This mechanism helps preserve this product for a longer time so you can use it for more days and weeks ahead.

For maintaining this affordable paper shredder, it comes with a shred care lubricant sheet and a waistliner. The lubricant helps in reducing friction and preventing wear that can damage the shredding teeth. The waistliner helps to contain the trash for throwing it away.

You can easily use this paper shredder with a manual reverse button. With one click, you can start tearing the papers and also stop the said process.

If you want to buy one the manufacturer provides a limited one-year warranty.

Best Cross Cut Paper Shredder for Small Office Under $50

Next on the list is the 6-sheet crosscut paper & credit card shredder by  Amazonbasics.

This machine is sleek and compact perfect for home, small offices or small business and most important is its cheap and affordable price.

It has an 8.7 inch paper feeder which is wide enough to accommodate stapled documents. If you forget to remove small paper clips don't worry because they won't be a hassle.

It can easily papers like ATM receipts, mortgage statements, insurance packets, credit card bills and other unnecessary documents into thin strips.

This affordable cross-cut shredder is a reliable device when it comes to protecting your sensitive documents. It can destroy all types of plastic credit cards.

The machine's 6 sheet capacity shreds papers into small pieces. Minimizing the chances of becoming a victim of identity theft or information leakage.

This is the prime need of users who are looking for a high performing paper and credit card shredder that's also affordable.

It's also easy to operate. Simply place the credit card in the designated area or the papers in the multiple paper feed slots and use the auto start function. Once the sensor detects that there's something to be shredded the machine will run for two minutes.

The 3.8 gallon bin stores the shredded papers. To clear paper jams just use the manual reverse function.

There is an auto shutoff system that ensures thermal protection to protect the motor from overheating. You need to cool it down for 30 minutes before using it again. It comes with an Amazon basic 1-year limited warranty. 

Best Small Office Paper Shredder Under $100

Number three product is the Aurora compact desktop style crosscut shredder.

This stylish looking paper shredding machine is about 17.2 pounds and measures 13 by 2 by 9.9 by 11.8 inches.

The compact nests makes it an excellent addition to your list for personal or office devices especially if you have a limited space.

The shredders opening is about 8.7 inches wide which can shred about 12 sheets of documents or junk mail into tiny crosscut particles. Offering high security and safety for all the important data that you don't want others to find.

It also destroys all types of credit cards, clips, staples and CDs.

The functional pullout waste bin has a 1.8 gallon capacity.
to accumulate a lot of shredded materials and making emptying it hassle-free.

This ultra quiet paper shredder has the capability to shred materials for 5 minutes.

This is best paper shredder for small office because it has the anti Jam auto reverse mechanism that senses over loading of content. keeping the shredding process smooth and trouble-free

Another special feature of this heavy duty paper shredder is the advanced shred safe safety system which automatically  shuts down the power when there is a forced entry attempt, preventing mishaps and accidents.

The LED lighted indicators help you see the overheat, overload, door open and standby status.

Best Shredder for Small Home office 

Number four on our list is the Fellowes paper shredder 6 sheet cross cut.

This powershred works as a desk side paper shredder within hands reach. You can get rid of daily paper trash to make room for newer documents.

This compact paper shredder functions like a personal device. It can shred up to six paper sheets at a time and it can tear through paper up to 70 grams per square meter. 

It can also shred plastics like credit cards and even staples. It shreds these into 4/34 mm cross cuts for simple disposal even those paper clips.

This office shredder machine can continuously shred for three minutes straight. It compensates by effectively tearing various documents even with its small size.

The 40-minute cool down helps in keeping the machine working longer. Make sure you follow the instructions to enjoy its utility with ease.

This machine is durable and will last for a long time, makes it best paper shredder under $50 it can also contain up to 4 gallons of shredded documents. if you fill that up you can easily lift off the bin for emptying.

Its jam resistance which offers you more time to shred and less maintenance. The manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty for this product.

If you need a personal paper shredder get this machine to dispose all dated paper documents, bank statements, cards and staples from your file cabinets.

Best Paper Shredder for home Office Use

Number four is from Aurora 12 sheet crosscut shredder for paper & cards.


This budget paper shredder doubles with previous products output within its capacity. it can deal with volumes of paper sheets in small and corporate offices. 

Aurora's paper shredder can cross-cut up to 12 papers at a time. 

You can also shred plastics like paper clips and credit cards. It helps to manage your personal information so these critical documents  don't reach to people with a criminal intent. 

The crosscuts approximately measure 5 by 25 millimeters a standard shredded paper size.

With this you won't need to empty the 5.2 gallon waste basket very often. But this does work well with recommended three-minute continuous run times.

The manufacturers also recommend observing an approximately 10 minute machine cooled out. The recommended run time and cooldown will help the product's longevity.

Other features are the thermal and overload protections. These components maintain the steel cutter's durability in the machine's performance.

This machine comes with a four mode power switch. These power switches are forward, reverse, off and auto. These straightforward controls ease the usage for the first time user. The power switches also help in stopping paper jams.

This small office paper shredder has an angled feed entry that prevents accidental hand and finger injuries.  Aurora's paper shredder emphasizes both safe and easy usage for its customers. 

This product is great for small to medium-sized businesses for proper document disposal. 

Well there you go the best paper shredders for business owners to dispose of their paper junk and documents safely. No one can deny that every business needs a best performing paper shredders as a safeguard against potential leaks of vital information. 

And that's a wrap for today's list of best paper shredder for small office. We hope our list help you decide which one is best for you. 

If there's a product that you have in mind  you'd like to see us review in the future, let us know by comments on this articles. please write them down and let us hear what you have in mind. We love to hear your suggestions and we'll do our best to answer your questions.