Pets help their owners maintain their well-being. Their mere presence can do a lot to uplift your low mood on a bad day, and they can entertain you with their antics. At the same time, more people own either cats or dogs in their homes. Not everybody feels comfortable around these furry pets. If you have the same sentiment, then try keeping a pet fish. Pet fishes do have their charm. 

If you plan to own some, you will need a small aquarium to house them inside your home. Most aquarists recommend starting small for beginners to get used to the basics. having a small aquarium will only need you to set up a healthy environment for the fish.

We will present the best small aquariums that you can find in the market today. This list will include each product's unique feature that might interest you. Let's go...

Best Aquarium Setup for Beginners

The first one on the list, the first small aquarium comes from aquaculture.

Best Aquarium Setup for Beginners

Best Aquarium Setup for Beginners

This 10-gallon aquarium will give you enough room for whatever look you prefer. It will also give your pet fish enough space to move inside the tank. 

A high-strength silicone glass makes up this small aquarium, and it can hold all these substrates, the water and the decorations you put inside it to house your pet fish.

Its toughness will make it last a long time so that you can sell it back if you want to try a giant aquarium. Besides aquatic pets, you can also use this product to house other pets like reptiles and arachnids. 

As a terrarium, you can fit inside it all the necessary things required by exotic pets to survive. You can place plants inside it to acclimate the animal inside its artificial habitat.

It has a 22.25-inch length, 10.5-inch width and 12.6-inch height. These dimensions give you an idea if you have the suitable space to mount it on this, making it easier for placement on your desired corner at home. 

If you plan to buy this for a pet fish, consider purchasing an aquaculture-led aquarium hood. We recommend the aquaculture screen cover if you want to house a hermit crab or turtle inside it. This will help secure your pets inside that dwelling. 

We recommend this small aquarium for those who want to start this hobby. Its shape and dimensions will make the preparations and maintenance easy for a beginner.

Best Small Aquarium With Filter

The second small aquarium comes from tetra.

Best Small Aquarium With Filter

Best Small Aquarium With Filter

This 1.5-gallon cube aquarium starter kit can help little kids know the basics of being an aquarist. 

It contains everything you need for a simple aquarium setup since it can only hold up to 1.5 gallons of water. This aquarium works well with small fishes like guppies or a single beta fish. This convenience gives those people on a tight budget a chance to try the hobby. 

An impact-resistant acrylic makes up this small aquarium. This material's toughness seems appropriate for its size and volume. Make sure that you keep it in a secure spot inside the house to avoid accidents. You can buy an aquarium stand suitable for that purpose. 

Purchase of this small aquarium includes a three-stage filtration system. It is an air-powered system, and it can do the filtering quietly.

It also provides filled cartridges to replace these parts to help in ensuring that you have clean and fresh water for your aquatic pets.

It also includes nine low volt light-emitting diodes. You can adjust the lights using blue and red lenses. Some lighting adds beauty to the small aquarium, especially at night with low light. 

Suppose you buy extra supplies and accessories for the aquarium; in that case, you can place them inside an integrated drawer to this product. You can purchase other products needed by specific aquatic pets etc as well.

We recommend this aquarium starter set for kids who want to try this hobby. 

Still haven't found the right small aquarium?

There are still three more items on this list, so you might want to hold off on your decision making. If you plan to make other purchases, we have more lists here that might help narrow down your options.

Best Fish Tanks for Beginners

The third small aquarium comes from aquaculture. 

Best Fish Tanks for Beginners

Purchase of this aquarium kit also includes all the necessary supplies for your pet fish to thrive. 

This 3-gallon aquarium gives you a unique view since it is a cylindrical shape. You can see the fish in a 360-degree view. 

It makes an ideal centrepiece for your home. Suppose you want to add something artistic inside your living room as an aquarium kit. Even a beginner can do the setup without an expert's help with the instructions provided. 

Anybody can also do the maintenance for this aquarium. Suppose you want to venture into more exotic fish breeds and aquarium setups. In that case, having this aquarium kit can give you a good starting point.

The filter system comes with an internal power filter that can process 25 gallons per hour. It clears the water from any pollutants and waste accumulated within a day.

For replacement, you can use either cola products or tetra whisper replacement cartridges to improve the aquarium's beauty.

It also comes with energy-efficient light-emitting diodes. There are seven different colours available to complement. The aquarium's look at a particular time of day; you can use three aaa batteries or a hawkeye five-volt power adapter for powering these lights.

This aquarium is 13.75 inches high and 9.5 inches in diameter. 

We recommend this aquarium for beginning hobbyists who do not yet have a lot of experience caring for aquatic pets.

Best Small Tropical Aquarium Fish

The fourth small aquarium is also another product from aquaculture.

Best Small Tropical Aquarium Fish

Best Small Tropical Aquarium Fish

This 5-gallon aquarium is another recommended starter kit if you think you already have some experience in this hobby. You should try this aquarium for a new project with its classic design. The manufacturer recommends this aquarium for your freshwater aquatic pets.

It features a low profile hood that can create natural daylight look inside for your pet fishes. Thanks to the energy-efficient light-emitting diodes.

Its built-in filtering system comes with the tetra internal filter that can silently clean and purify the water system and maintain its clarity. Hobbyists no longer need to exert a lot of effort to clean this water inside the aquarium with this feature. 

This aquarium's integrated cutouts allow a user to feed the fishes without removing the cover quickly and change the filter cartridges when required. In this manner, a beginner acquist quickly learns the ropes to master this hobby.

The aquarium comes with an internal power filter for optimizing water conditions for your aquatic pets. Also, you get tetra mint tropical flakes for feeding your pet fish and aqua safe water cleaner for the water treatment. Moreover, a purchase enrols you to tetra care for further help in completing the setup.

This aquarium is 18 inches in length, 10.25 inches in width, and 12.30 inches in height and to make an ideal habitat for your pet fish, and you can add artificial plants, river rocks, and some gravel.

We recommend this aquarium for intermediate hobbyists who may want to try out new setups for their aquarium.

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Now let's head to the last item of this list. If you haven't considered the first four products, then this might be the one. 

Best All-in One Freshwater Aquarium

The fifth small aquarium comes from glow fish.

Best All-in One Freshwater Aquarium

Best All-in One Freshwater Aquarium

You can easily set up this 1.5-gallon aquarium kit without expert help so that you might consider this one also for a younger hobbyist.

This aquarium comes with a black pedestal base which gives it adequate balance when mounted on a surface. It also has a clear plastic canopy with a feeding hole to secure the water surface from unwanted disturbances that can cause some distress to your pet fish.

Adding more beauty to this aquarium includes eight blue light-emitting diodes and a black aquarium background. It also has a low voltage power adapter to power the aquarium's lighting if you want some for the night.

This aquarium kit also includes a setup guide for installing and using the tetra whisper internal power filter. This filter keeps the water free from harmful substances that can harm your fish.

It also includes cartridges for filter replacements as well as the needed tubing and air pump.

The aquarium measures 11.5 inches deep, 8.5 inches high and 7.25 inches wide. It only consumes a small space, so if you live in a small apartment, you can indeed find enough space for this aquarium.

In this setup, owning some glowing fish will complete the aquarium with the lighting included in this setup kit. You can appreciate glowfish's vibrant colour in different light settings.

If you feel that the tank looks stale, you can purchase those additional decorations separately. 

We highly recommend this product for those younger hobbyists, and that's a wrap for today's list, whichever you opt to get based on your needs and preferences.