Best Largest USB flash drives for PC and Laptop

Largest USB Flash Drives
Largest USB Flash Drives

The most extensive flash drives need to be well built so that you can use them over and over without worry. It's not just for convenience or speed—still, the flexibility to hold vast amounts of storage for such a compact device. 

We've collected our selections for the Best Largest USB flash drives for PC and Laptop available on the market to help you choose what memory stick is the ideal option for you. We'll relay all the best items for you, and if you want to find the best prices and more information about the products, you can check by clicking the view product.
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Best usb flash drive for 4k video

Best usb flash drive for 4k video

Best usb flash drive for 4k video

The first product on our list is the Kingston DataTraveler 2TB USB flash drive

It has a massive storage of 2 terabytes, and this one is designed to backup large production files and other stuff you deem valuable.You can say its a best largest usb flash drives in the world

This flash drive can be trusted to save data of immense sizes with the likes of movies, high-resolution images, music, and more noted is its capacity to store up to 70 hours of 4k footage.

This DT Ultimate GT offers USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB 3.0 speeds of 300 megabytes per second read and 200 megabytes per second break, which means that its swiftness surpasses traditional external hard drives.

Lagging performance won't be an issue as users can edit and transfer files in a second.

The drive is also super handy, so it's as portable as it can get. You'll no longer worry about having to carry around large and bulky external hard drives. Its pocket-friendly in size.

It has shock-resistant. Zinc alloy metal casing ensures your data's security, even if you go from one place to another.

This drives connector can be concealed by sliding the two movable parts and opposite directions.

There was a time that we could only go for flash drives with storage capacity that's a fraction of what this monster offers. We can now put it all behind us as Kingston has made another compact suitable for people who are always on the go. This flash drives all-around performance would surely knock anyone's socks off.

Best usb flash drive for music in car

Best usb flash drive for music in car

Best usb flash drive for music in car

This flash drive is a premium flash drive with incredible speed enormous, capacity, and full compatibility. It's a perfect product for those looking for a durable pocket-sized USB storage with a solid-state drive's performance. 

This is one of the best compact usb flash drives
This flash drive has a high-speed 3.0 and memory that enables both 440 megabytes per second read speed and 440 megabytes per second write speed.

Its high standard USB connector is also compatible with USB 3.1 Gen2 SB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. With these, one can now copy even large files in just a few seconds.

Flash Voyager GTX has a maximum capacity of one terabyte, which means you can get to back up a massive load of files from HD movies to PC games without the worry of overcapacity in such a small device.

It works on all kinds of operating systems - from Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 - Mac OS and even Linux without the need for driver installation.

Corsairs flash drive can also be formatted partitioned and optimized by utilizing the company's very own Corsair SSD toolbox software. This handy all-in-one software makes it easier for you to manage.

The USB Drive encased in a rugged zinc alloy casing and aluminum accents you get to store your data in a light and stylish storage that you can put in your pocket.

If you're always in need of moving around huge files and blazing fast speed, this flash drive would be worth every penny.

Well, there goes our first two items on the list, did you find any high speed usb flash drives that you liked we hope so, but if you haven't then don't worry because we still have three more extensive flash drives to look in this post.

Best usb flash drive for for gaming

Best usb flash drive for for gaming

Best usb flash drive for for gaming

The third product on our list is the Kingston HyperX Savage USB flash drive.

It stores up to 512 gigabytes.

This USB doesn't only work on PC, but it's also compatible with many gaming consoles such as the ps3, ps4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Kingston HyperX savage offers ultra-fast 350 megabytes read speed, and 250 kilobytes write speeds, which can help transfer files from the USB Drive without any lags.

You can also check the flash drive via benchmark on your desktop to really know the properties of this product besides its speed. If you're running your benchmark using a new computer with excellent specifications, it may run a little bit faster.

The USB port is created in USB generation 1, which will take advantage of USB 3.1 ports in your computer or laptop and also has backward compatibility with USB 3.0 and 2.0.

It also has the indicator light to help you know if the flash drive is reading or writing a file.

Now let's talk about the physical body of this USB Drive, it might be a slightly bigger and heavier USB Drive than you're used to, but it lives up to its name. It has this sleek look with the HyperX metallic red logo covered on the USB.

If you don't need the 512 gigabytes storage space, Kingston offers the 64-gigabyte storage as well.

Another great thing about this product is that it provides warranty and support, which you can return just in case the USB arrives in damaged condition.

Best long lasting usb flash drive

Best long lasting usb flash drive
Best long lasting usb flash drive

The fourth on our list is the PNY Pro Elite USB flash drive.

It's widely used because of its speed bragging for its a more significant capacity and its outstanding performance compared to the standard PNY USB 2.0 flash drives.

The PNY 512 gigabyte Pro Elite USB 3.0 flash drive works 80 times faster, and the read speed is up to 400 megabytes while the write speeds are up to 250 megabytes.

It can be used with the USB 3.0 host devices such as Mac, desktop computers, and laptops. It's backward compatible with USB 2.0 host services. 

Mostly significant users choose this flash drive because it's built with convenience and exceptional performance in mind. It's the perfect solution for problems of transferring and storing. 
It's quicker and easier to store and transfer huge files and data into large documents, high-resolution photos or images, and HD videos.

It can hold over 100,000 high-resolution images in over 94500 songs, and it can also store over 29.5 hours of 4k Ultra HD videos.

This flash drive has a sleek, stylish design, and it's silver in color.

It's also lightweight, being that its only .04 pounds. It's pocket-sized with the assembled dimensions of 5.8 by 3.29 by 0.45 inches, and This Compact USB flash drive is convenient to carry and use at any time, and anywhere 

It's the perfect flash drive for extreme users who work with the most massive files and the most challenging applications.

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Best ssd usb flash drive for speed

Best ssd usb flash drive for speed

Best ssd usb flash drive for speed

The fifth product on the list is the Glyph Atom SSD USB flash drive.

This product is a must-have for working individuals and even students. 

This USB is a portable bus-powered, which means that it doesn't require an external power source.

This device is USB 3.0 or super fast, and it can transfer files up to 480 megabytes per second.

This USB can automatically detect a problem with its system with the help of a disk health monitoring feature to prevent data loss.

It's compatible with any computer, and it's formatted for Mac and needs a simple reformat for Windows.

This longest lasting flash drive can hold 525-gigabyte files. You can also use this USB on a Thunderbolt 3, it's a type of port that we can find on some compatible computers, and you can quickly identify it if your USB port is the thunderbolt if you see a lightning icon on top of the USB port.

This USB is a rugged shock-resistant type, so no need to worry. If you accidentally drop it, your files are safe.

This one is pretty convenient. You can just put it in your pocket with its size of 7.10 by 3.10 by 0.78 inches, and you can choose from four different colors of silver gold, black, and grey.

So there you have it, we're done reviewing the Best Largest USB flash drives for PC and Laptop in 2020 that will suit your preferences for prices, and if you found this post helpful, then please recommend it to your friends and family to help them with their buying decision. I hope you enjoyed this post.