best buy sony wireless bluetooth headphones reviews 2021

Sony is a brand that all of us are familiar with, unless you have been living right under the rocks.  With that said, this industry giant has some of the best wireless headphones you will ever find on this planet.  Sony understands that it has customers with varying needs and lifestyles. For that reason, they produce headphones to suit all of our various lifestyles. If you are the fancy type, rest assured there are notable headphones designed just for you. Are you on a very tight budget?  Don’t worry about that; Sony has your back. Anyways, let’s cut the talk and get into the business of naming the best sony wireless bluetooth headphones to buy this year. You looking for bose headphones

Best premium bluetooth wireless headphones Sony WH-1000XM3

Best premium bluetooth wireless headphones Sony WH-1000XM3

Best for all types of usersBest premium bluetooth wireless headphones

This is an all rounded piece from Sony that you can buy at this instant. It’s simply perfect for all kinds of users. The WH-1000XM3 is an over-ears headphone that comes with impeccable noise-cancelling capabilities. The best part of it is the long battery life that can last for as long as 30 hours and takes just about 3 hours to charge to full capacity. How amazing is that! In addition, the sound quality is what will make you take these headphones wherever you go.


·         Great sound quality

·         Excellent noise-cancelling abilities

·         Comfy on the ears


·         The touch controls are not so great (fiddly)

The best budget in-ear headphones 2021: Sony MDR-EX650AP

The best budget in-ear headphones 2021: Sony MDR-EX650AP

Sony MDR-EX650APThe best budget in-ear headphones

These in-ear headphones are not only super comfortable but also offer quite high performance at an affordable price. You will definitely be impressed with the weighty bass and superb tonal variations. There will be no strain on your ears because these headphones offer such a comfy fit. Well, if you have been looking for headphones that won’t make you break the bank, here they are.


·         Comfortable and secure fit

·         Weighty and punchy sound delivery

·         Quite affordable


·         There is no volume control button

B Best noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth: Sony CH700N Wireless

Best noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth: Sony CH700N Wireless

Best noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth: Sony CH700N WirelessBest noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth

A number of people need wireless headphones with a noise-cancelling feature. The Sony CH700N might be just what you need especially if you don’t like constantly pulling your phone out. There is a touch control panel on the side of the headphones which is quite useful and convenient. The noise-cancelling feature ensures you are focused on what you intend and not the outside noise. Another notable feature is its battery life that can last for up to 35 hours.


·         Well balanced sound quality

·         Comes with the Bluetooth technology

·         Long battery life

·         Sleek design


·         Can be a bit expensive

The best in-ear headphones with extra bass: Sony MDR-XB55AP

The best in-ear headphones with extra bass: Sony MDR-XB55AP

The best in-ear headphones with extra bassThe best in-ear headphones with extra bass

While we all have our preferences, the in-ear headphones can serve as more convenient and portable. These in-ear headphones are engineered to deliver a deep and vibrant bass frequency that hip-hop and rock fans will die for. I like the fact that they are lightweight. You definitely won’t have any issue with carrying them with you wherever you go. There is also a mic and button on its wire for easier control. If you need to answer a call or navigate your music, the mic and button will come in handy.


·         The best bass out there

·         Lightweight

·         Simple mic and button control



·         The in-ear buds tend to come out

The best headphones for professionals 2021: Sony MDR7506

The best headphones for professionals 2021

Sony MDR7506The best headphones for professionals

If you want headphones with a classic design as well as a retro look, this is the best piece for you. These are headphones which are specifically designed for use in the studio. For that reason, expect nothing other than well-articulated sound. Furthermore, they are incredibly strong and the kind of headphones that last for so long. Other features include 40mm drivers, about 10Hz frequency range and external sound reduction. Music professionals should definitely get this product. It’s simply a timeless piece.


·         Offers the best sound in the industry

·         Classic, retro design

·         Extremely durable

·         Reliable

·         Suitable for professionals


·         Expensive

Buying guide for Sony headphones

With a vast collection of Sony headphones, it can be quite difficult to know exactly what you want. As a matter of fact, people often find themselves going back and forth between different products. There are various designs and features including in-ear, over-ear, noise-cancelling and so much more. With that in mind, here is what to look for;


There are users who want a budget friendly product and others who want the best they can ever find no matter the cost. First of all, know the exact amount of money you are willing to spend on the headphones and afterwards, there will be a clear picture of the product suitable for you.

The sound quality

Headphones are not all designed the same way. Some have better sound quality than others. With that said, the sound quality will depend on what you really want. Do you want deep and weighty bass or as long as there is some music on you are good to go? Remember the higher the price, the better the components.


Durability is a major factor especially if you are an avid traveller or you use the headphones on a daily basis. A durable pair will not only save you money but also the hassle that comes with worrying about getting your headphones damaged. Therefore, athletes should consider purchasing durable headphones that will withstand all types of environments.


The noise-cancellation technology is one of the most popular features in headphones. However, do you really need this feature? If you are always around noisy environments or travel from time to time, then noise-cancellation is necessary. On the other hand, people who listen to music in calm and serene environments don’t really require it.


There are different designs for headphones to suit a variety of users. Do you require in-ear or over-ear? Over-ear generally have better sound quality and go well with the noise-cancelling technology. What about Bluetooth connectivity? It’s basically more convenient and offers a hands free experience.


Sony has headphones for different lifestyles and professions. What matters the most is the qualities you are looking for and the budget at hand. All in all, you definitely find the kind of headphones you need from t-he above list.


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