EzyStayz is the first Australian-owned global platform to open the holiday rental market to individuals. It is spread across the globe and available for everyone. The EzyStayz has already run for years, but now it spread its wing and grab more significant potential with blockchain technology. With the new implementation of blockchain, this project turned into a global ecosystem of travelers, hotels, and property owners. Here is further information for you.

So, What Is Ezystayz?

To say it bluntly, EzyStayz is a marketplace for people to discover, book, and list unique accommodation properties. In this case, the accommodation is specialized for holiday purposes. The company itself has been running for years and known for its rental listing website. It runs a fully functioning platform that gives low-cost, quick, and seamless way to rent or list numerous properties. As the biggest holiday rental platform, it has 1 million+ accommodation.

The introduction of the cryptocurrencies in the platform is a part of the development of the company. The main purpose is to greet a layer of decentralization from the digital currency sector. At the same time, it can allow costumers and property owners to deal with the transaction without the need for extra fees. One thing for sure, this breakthrough idea will help the website or EzyStayz to gain bigger access, accommodation, and saver transaction.

This is one thing you should consider before investing in this project. Just as said before, EzyStayz already has a fully operational platform. Which is mean, it already has numerous accommodation, listing, host, etc. around the world. You can even discover, list, explore, or book on the platform. With that in mind, the current crypto investment will be utilized in the sales and marketing to increase the user base within global reach.

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Grasping The Blockchain To Run The Global Holiday Rental Platform

In the blockchain system, you will find the importance of cryptocurrencies. Following the trend and the advancement of digital money, this move is considered necessary. Many projects are developed and interested to associate the system in their work. Since the use is quite hard and unpredicted, many of them were failed to bridge the gap between the usability and technical complexity of using cryptocurrencies as their native money.

However, the potential in this growing market is undeniable. Just look at the Airbnb that successfully implement the digital money and the use of short term lease. Basing on that success, the use of blockchain has been proven that it creates more dynamic flow in the market for renting hotels, properties, and accommodation. With that in mind, the EzyStayz want to gain the same success and dynamic business.

Ezystayz Platform With Blockchain

It can be said that EzyStayz wants to evolve the centralized setup and move on to the blockchain-based platform. Why? in this case, one thing for sure this system offers more possibilities and powers. With the main purpose to create a trustworthy platform, the EzyStayz have more than enough reasons to bring you along in the project. One of the reasons is a cheaper cost for every transaction in this holiday rental platform.

EzyStayz even states that the cost can be 2 or 3 times cheaper than the other famous platform. It also offers easier access and use. This is the answer or solution to bridge the gap between the usability, the technical, and the payment method. You can expect that EzyStayz has successfully connected the crypto and fiat gap, provide easier cross border payment, and opening new streams of revenue. The blockchain also gives a fairer share for all the participants.

Traveler, hotel, and property owners can control their experience on the platform. Then the last is safer transactions. As an already operational business along with the powerful blockchain system, the combination decreases misrepresentation, chargeback, and fraud in every transaction inside the system. All in all, the EzyStayz have started using the groundbreaking solution to create a better, trustworthy, and larger holiday accommodation platform.

Decentralize And Tokenization To Create Benefit And Capturing Market

It is granted that the cryptocurrency culture has been continuously thriving in this modern era. Along with the idea to disrupt the status quo in the centralized setup, the use of token and decentralization setup for EzyStayz is a very smart move. It creates benefits for early token holders and adopters, at the same time aligning the user incentive for future network development.

With the already thriving and fully running platform, the introduction of a decentralized engine creates an immediate result. It brings a whole lot of benefits for all users. Along with that, you can also expect a greater marketplace. How does it work? The decentralization and tokenization in the blockchain system allow lower payment charge, faster, and easier transactions. Thus, EzyStayz can approach more affordable accommodation around the world.

The Ezystayz Token – Usage And Fund Distribution

There is some information regarding the EzyStayz Token (EZY). As it is run using blockchain, then you should be familiar with the usage of the native currency. In this case, the token will be used in three ways. The first one being the only currency that will be used in the platform. Any booking or transaction will demand (EZY). The second comes as a reduction of EZY velocity. And the last is value-added features. This means the payment currency will automatically convert into EZY.

What do you think about this project? Interested? Since the platform has been running for years, the development is already far ahead. Which is means, your crypto investment won't be worthless. All in all, the project is already running so the fund raised in the token sale will be used on the marketing and sales effort. From the biggest global holiday rental platform in Australia, EzyStayz will strive and target bigger advertising and global marketing campaign.

The Benefits For Traveler

The more benefits for travelers, the more people will be interested to use this platform for planning their holiday. Let say that those who use the EzyStayz website or app to search for suitable accommodation, will get more affordable options on a global scale. The platform gives an easier, intuitive, and responsive experience for all the user. If you think about it, the more people use EzyStayz, the more revenue you can get as an investor.

The Benefit For Host

From the host's perspective, they can gain secure and quick access to the hospitality market. Since the charge is set in minimums, even the small hotel or accommodation can be a part of the platform. At the same time, the blockchain tech will give a more efficient market, advertising strength, or even Google Adwords. And what you gain as an investor? Higher-income from the higher exchange token value (since the token will be used more often).

The Benefit For Hotel

Blockchain has great transparency that will help every hotel or any accommodation to track and exchange data between them and guests. That means traceable and safer from any kind of cyber-attack. There won't be middlemen between EzyStayz and hotels or partners. Further development will allow more options for the hotel to manage multiple aspects inside the platform. Allow them to get better advertisements and a bigger revenue rate in the end.

The Long Way Roadmap

If you look at the whole roadmap of the EzyStayz, you won't be surprised by the number of hotels, accommodation, and location listed on its website. Started from 2017, this global holiday rental platform has been striving to be the biggest. In 2018, the MVP web responsive launched along with the IOS and Android App. In 2019, EzyStayz 2.0 was launched to focus on the hotel market, introducing token, and the power of the blockchain system.

Continuing the great pace, EzyStayz integrated and partnering with 2nd channel manager. That gives access to 500 thousand+ new hotels around the globe. Then the 3rd channel and the 4th channel in December 2019, that let EzyStayz access to the biggest database of hotels in the world. Reaching 2020, EzyStayz improving the partnership, launching EZY token with CoinTiger, LiveCoin, and FabiGate. The progress will keep on moving based on the great road map.

Travel And Gaming

This is something fun. EzyStayz introduced game mechanics to motivate more participants, engagement, and loyalty to its customer. This idea offers great benefits for all the players with the reward you can get.

Being the expansion project on Australia's biggest global holiday rental listing website, you can rest assured with the credibility of the project. As the fully operational website that has been running since 2017, it can be said that the project has proven its worth. The use of blockchain is mainly a way to spread the company wings and provide opportunities for host or hotels owner, even travelers. You can join the project to get the profit from it.