best desktop computer for video and photo editing

best video editing desktops

Creating great video content is not an easy task. Capturing perfect film footage is one thing but editing the video is just as critical and challenging. Now, most film Savi probably loves the portability of a laptop when processing multimedia outputs but let's face it working in a broader display is more natural to the eyes and can make the whole thing lighter long story short.

A desktop makes working on raw HD or 4k video or creating special effects more efficient not to mention the desktops often have better specifications at a much affordable price range with that in mind. It's also important to note that choosing the perfect desktop depends on the equipment you use and your needs that said. 

Stay tuned as we bring you our picks for the 5 Best desktop computer for video editing and multimedia that are available on the market whether you need the best of the best, or just the most affordable option. Will relate all the items to you if you want to find the best prices or more information about the products mentioned in this post you can check the links in the description below and now let's start.

Best HP desktop computer for video & phot editing

Best HP desktop computer for video editing

Best HP desktop for video editingBest HP desktop for video editing

Number one is the HP omen obelisk desktop

This PC may have an ominous name, but it's carefully designed to satisfy serious gamers needs to be made for an excellent performance.

This desktop is perfect for any processor hungry programs, including those used from multimedia projects like video editing.

The HP omen is a powerhouse that you can upgrade with a micro ATX compatible parts. It boasts an Nvidia Geforce r-tx 20 70 that ensures the seamless running of high graphics, and this means you get to play high-resolution videos and see every crucial detail during the process.

The future proof video card is even paired with a ninth-generation Intel Core i7 with 16 gigabytes of RAM, so both enable you to handle demanding applications and make everything smooth.

The obelisk desktop also has massive storage. It comes with a one terabyte hard drive and 256 gigs of SSD, so you don't have to worry about storing your photos videos or favourite songs.

It also comes with the Windows 10 Home Edition operating system additionally the HP computer has a liquid cooling solution and dust filter. It can even be personalized.

 If you're into a more stylish aesthetic, it's upgradeable glass side panel shows off its impressive insides including customizable RGB lighting swiftly connect your devices with diverse available ports and which you can find both in the front and back of the computer.

This is an advanced desktop that allows hassle-free creation of high-quality immersive videos.

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Professional video editing computer desktop

Professional video editing computer desktop

Dell Alienware Aurora 2020 desktopDell Alienware Aurora 2020 desktop.

Number two is the Dell Alienware Aurora PC desktop.

If you're looking for a versatile PC and conversation piece worthy of the price, then you might want to give this one a closer look while many people think that sophisticated desktops are only those with glass panels and colourful lighting.

The Alienware aura politely disagrees embracing a much smoother distinct exterior with bulbous curves.

Its simplicity is deaf refreshing. It is a sleek chassis that ensures better airflow and a single front light hoop on display as to its performance.

The ninth gen Intel Core i7 9700 and 3.0 gigahertz processor undeniably brings plenty of power to the table add that it's 32 gigs of RAM and you're sure to run different tasks at the same time without worrying about lags.

It also includes the NVIDIA GTX 1660 that ensures clear graphics so you can keep an eye on those important details when editing.

This Dell desktop has an enormous three terabyte hard drive and one terabyte SSD to store whatever you need for your video editing workstation.

If you're one to value time this PC boots up exceptionally fast so you can quickly finish those deadlines immediately.

The desktop also comes with Windows 10 homes 64-bit operating system and includes almost a dozen USB ports which by the way are SuperSpeed.

The desktop is surely confident in its simplicity and with a system. This powerful even advanced day-to-day computer tasks like video editing will be a breeze keep watching because we still have more to come.

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Best desktop computer for 4k video editing

Best desktop computer for 4k video editing

4K video editing computer

Number three is the Compact gaming PC by Corsair, a monster desktop that is perfect for photo and video editing.

It's a small but terrible desktop that's a match made in techie heaven. The Corsair one has a minimalist PC with an aluminium shell that can be sure to fit your desk despite its size.

This little machine comes with a speedy Intel Core i7 9700 K and 8 core processor paired with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 28 graphics card. It ensures that you get a vivid display perfect for drawing, video editing or gaming, and if you run multiple programs, you'll be able to do so without any hassle.

You edit 4k videos in this compact desktop. It can support up to three displays and have them run as smooth as butter and thanks to its effective liquid cooling system. You don't have to worry about overheating and those annoying noises that can disrupt your artistic flow.

You can also personalize its look with different lighting profiles thanks to its built-in RGB light pipes and Corsair IQ for those who are using different gadgets for their videos.

This one's also perfect, it's compact size doesn't compromise all the connections, and it can give as many ports as those larger desktop systems overall.

This is an amazingly solid desktop that can go side-by-side with any other high-performance PC enjoy quiet work time any time without unnecessary pausing.

With this powerful desktop, we want to know what you think so please don't hesitate to write down your comments and suggestions below and now let's check out our fourth product.

Best PC for video editing on a budget

Best PC for video editing on a budget

Best computer for video editing on a budget

Number four is the Dell XPS 8930 special edition tower desktop.

It may look very familiar to older computer users because it's safe and unassuming with minimal design, yet packed with enough power for hardware-intensive tasks from photo and video editing.

The XPS tower has a very subtle case with clean lines and a mixture of matte and glossy finishes. Its exterior may be small and light, but it's still firm and durable.

This PC is also made to ensure you won't get distracted with any cooling fans, and it has an enhanced airflow path that guarantees all parts are kept cool even under heavy loads.

This Dell desktop boasts ninth-generation Intel i7 9700 k-8 core processor and 16 gig of DDR4 memory. 

A combination that keeps multiple complex programs humming along smoothly, it also means you'll get enough power for faster, more efficient video edits, video playback and gaming. 

It also includes an Intel HD graphics 630 that can readily produce a bright display of your exciting videos not only will you see them with crisp detail.

The Dell XPS 89 30 also ensures a fully immersive experience with its max audio technology and max sense, and you can watch your beautiful videos with high sound quality that will adapt to any environment. 

Connecting your devices is also easy with its 11 total USB ports.

The Dell XPS 80 930 is technically a less grand PC, but it's considered a mid-range desktop. Everything it provides is a nice blend of speed stability and even a bit of nostalgia. It has everything you need and then some to handle those media projects finally.

Best computer for video editing and multimedia 

Best computer for video editing and multimedia
Cheap video editing computer

Number 5 we have the HP Z2 Mini G4 workstation.

It's probably the most compact and practical unit on the list at first glance the design looks impressive but doesn't have that wow factor like other desktops. 

This pint-sized PC though boasts its shape practically you can either put it flat or upright on your desk depending on the available space.

It has as a built-in visa bracket that allows you to mount at the back of your monitor should you want even more room and less clutter on your desk.

It also has a removable lock slot at the back that holds everything together and keeps it secure overheating won't be a problem either as this PC can keep things relatively cool for its size. The problem is it does get loud as the fans go into high gear whenever the hardware gets hot.

The good news is the HP z2 Mini g4 comes loaded with a powerful Intel i7 9700 processor with eight gigs of RAM.

This enables you to have many different tabs open at a time and edit your video smoothly.

It also has a pre-installed version of Windows 10 Pro, and it can also be set up with Linux or Windows 7.

This PC gives you massive editing firepower despite its humble appearance.

It's even easy to customize.

If you want a powerful mini PC that's packed with performance and power the HP z2 Mini g4 maybe the right one for you. Its portable size makes it great for editors who don't want or are avoiding a crowded office not to mention.

 It's highly configurable system enables you to create almost anything you need a desktop to be. There you have it the list of best desktop computer for video editing and multimedia

We hope you found our list helpful in purchasing one. 

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