Best Concrete Floor Paint For Basemaent

If you're tired of your dull and unappealing concrete surface, then spruce it up with a premium concrete paint that leaves the area attractive. 

There are many products to choose from, so it's best to choose wisely to ensure that you'll get the results that you want. 

We narrowed down our top brand's list and came up with the 5 Best Concrete Floor Paint For Basemaent and Garage to help you find the perfect product for your concrete flooring, whether it's outdoor or indoor. 

We also break down the vital features of every product to determine if they answer your questions or match your needs are you ready then let's begin.

Best floor paint for wooden floors

Best floor paint for wooden floors

KILZ Wood/Concrete Coating

Our top product is the Kilz Armor wood and concrete coating

One gallon is enough to cover approximately 75 square feet surfaces reviving its former condition. 

This solid colour coating delivers high-quality waterproofing ability to transform old weathered concrete or wood to a brand-new durable surface.

It's a thick paint, made from 100% acrylic resin. 

It restores and corrects the damaged chips and cracks of vertical or horizontal wood surfaces, giving it a uniform and fresh look.

It effectively hides flaws and imperfections of concrete surfaces like patios pool decks and sidewalks, and the composite surfaces of boat decks and porches.

 It's recommended for drivable surfaces like driveways and garage floors and other high-traffic areas.

This innovative paint can easily conceal gaps and splinters up to 1/4 of an inch producing a slip-resistant finish.

Before the application ensure that the surfaces are clean dry and free of oil grease or dirt for a maximum outcome, two coats are recommended. 

You can choose to apply it using a sprayer roller or brush, and you have to wait about four to six hours before applying the next coating in a lot 72 hours for the total cure process. 

It comes in three colours chocolate brown slate grey and redwood and comes in two finishes smooth and textured, 

The textured option function like an anti-slip coating that keeps you safe while traversing the wet concrete floor.

Best Concrete Floor Paint Garage and Patio

Best Concrete Floor Paint Garage and Patio

Best Concrete Floor Paint Garage and Patio

The second product on our list is the advanced eco concrete and masonry Scylla.

It's a 16-ounce white liquid concentrate formula used to produce one gallon of premium and long-lasting water repellent when mixed with water. 

The mixed formula is enough to cover up to 240 square feet.

It's different from other waterproof errs due to its vapour transmission ability generating a long-term and excellent product and substrate performance. 

Substrates require a curing period to prevent the trapping of moisture that results in fast degradation.


This earth-friendly liquid formula doesn't harm the landscape plantings because of its low volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

It's ideal for concrete natural and synthetic stone.

Stucco payers and its exterior insulation finishing system split face block and other materials because it produces permeable vapour that works well with masonry and new concrete.

It protects them against mildew, mould, water damage, oil pool, and spa chemicals, and de-icing salts. 

The paint's low odour formula and quick dry component make it possible to walk on the surface within two hours of spraying. 

It dries up without altering the appearance and quality of the surface. 

It provides ultimate protection against ultraviolet degradation.

This non-flammable, non-toxic and water-based waterproofer is ideal for cold temperatures down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, it's not exactly a concrete paint people love using this clear formula because of its excellent waterproofing power that gives a satin-like finish.

So our first two featured concrete paints that will make your interior or exterior flooring look better. 

If you have comments or questions, don't hesitate to write them down in the comment box, we're happy to read and reply to any question you might have.

Best Paint For Basement Floor, Garages, carports, porches, walkways, and pool decks

Our next item is the Concrete floor paint with primer from Rust-Oleum

It has a high quality, one part acrylic paint that delivers exterior and interior durability. 

A single coat application is all it takes since it's a paint and primer formula.

The durable and smooth grey finish of this paint is ultraviolet and weather resistant. 

It's highly durable and can withstand the harsh chemicals.

It features an advanced acrylic technology that guarantees long-lasting Sheen and quality that makes your indoor and outdoor surfaces look good.

One gallon of this formula can cover up to 300 or 400 square feet freshening up your existing floor surface with the easy roll-on application.

This self-priming paint is easy to apply because of its smooth formulation that dries up quickly and allows light foot traffic within 16 hours.

It makes your restoration of concrete floors easy and fast considering.

It's both paint and primer you don't need a separate hardener because it's a complete mix.


It provides a fresh colour to your garage, pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway, shop, floor, carport, and basement. 

It's an excellent choice to seal and protect a rough concrete surface, making it safe and convenient to clean using traditional household cleaners.

Best waterproof paint for Garage & basement floor

Best waterproof paint for Garage & basement floor

Best waterproof paint for Garage & basement floor

Our fourth spot is the Drylok Epoxy Floor Paint by the United Gilsonite Lab.

Its unique formula is fortified by the advanced epoxy ester resin, which guarantees extra durability and protection being one part epoxy paint.

It combines the unique strength of the acrylic epoxy and the ease of common paint application. 

It goes smoothly on various surfaces like regular house paint while leaving a gorgeous semi-gloss finish and even more.

There are no strong odours to compromise your health and complicate mixing instructions, and after use, you can clean the stain off your hands with water and soap.

This floor paint is known to have the highest level of water resistance. 

Its waterproofing element is capable of withstanding heavy downpours of rain or snow. 

It's also UV resistant, which ensures that the colour remains dominant against the Sun and the constant changing of weather conditions.

This product's resistant level makes it one of the best choices when you want extreme protection from your concrete flooring. 

It resists damaging chemicals gasoline stains grease oil and hot tire pickup.

It can cover 300 to 400 square feet of the concrete surface and dries up within 4 hours allow complete drying before the second coating application. 

Use a nylon or polyester brush and a 38-inch nap roller for excellent results.

It's perfect for walkways, concrete steps, basements, garage, floors laundry rooms, and other horizontal masonry surfaces. 

Best concrete floor paint interior & exterior

Our last item is the BEHR grey granite grip concrete paint

It's a beautiful colour that gives a unique multi speckled and durable finish, which will make your flooring look pretty good with its gorgeous neutral Sheen.

This protective anti-slip concrete paint is specially formulated for high-traffic indoor or outdoor surfaces. 

It resists hot tire pick up household stain grease and dirt, keeping the horizontal surfaces like patios, porches, walkways, driveways, pool decks, and garage, floors safe for everyone.

One gallon is adequate to cover up to 50 square feet and suitable for two coatings. 

The first coat must be applied using a nylon polyester brush and a 1/4 adhesive roller. 

For more significant DIY projects, use a four millimetre tipped texture sprayer to cover four by four-inch sections and then back roll using a 1/4 roller cover.

It can effectively hide up to 1/8 of inch hairline cracks, restoring the original condition of damaged and imperfect concrete surfaces.

You can fill in the gaps by brushing enough paint and letting it dry before applying.

The second coating should be done using a roller. 

It's essential to make sure that the surface is completely dry regardless of whether.

It's concrete stone masonry or brick. The high grip performance of this concrete paint prevents slipping reducing accidents on wet surfaces to clean up the paint or stain wash using soap and water.

Choosing the best product is essential to get the outcome you envision for your indoor or outdoor concrete flooring, so make sure to get what you believe will work best for you.

Our featured Best Concrete Floor Paint For Basemaent & Garage got the thumbs-up from everyone who used them to improve their flooring, so you can't go wrong no matter what you choose. 

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