Best rated lawn edgers and trimmers

Best Lawn Edger
Best Lawn Edger

A well-maintained garden ultimately improves the appearance of your house; it also gives your family and inviting space to relax and unwind. There is a critical step, though that makes a significant difference between a good-looking lawn & a stunning one, and that's edging. 

Edging provides not only aesthetic benefits but also functional ones. It outlines the edges of your yard's different areas to make it look visually appealing and neat and, at the same time, helps control the growth of unwanted weeds as it provides a bit of a fence for the roots of your plants. 

We'll give you a list of the five Best rated lawn edgers and trimmers on the market to help you find the perfect addition for your gardening tools now let's begin.

Best handheld gas lawn edger

best handheld gas lawn edger

ECHO Gas lawn Edger

At number one is the Echo handheld gas edger PE 225.

This professional-grade lawn edger gives a crisp edge that neatly separates the lawn and the sidewalk. Any property will get that perfectly manicured look with the use of this edger. 

This edger is also designed to provide superior power and durability besides all grass edger engines by Echo have the highest engine durability rating duly certified by the EPA.

The PE 225 edger weighs about 5.4 kilograms without the cutter head. It's 68.3 inches long, 12 inches wide and 13.2 in height. 

It's a lightweight tool that's easy to manoeuvre. 

The edger wheel height is easy to adjust, and its captive wheel mount hardware feature has a moulded shield that's durable and resistant from clogs. 

The edger features an air-cooled, two-stroke single-cylinder gasoline engine. Its engine has a 21.2 CC displacement, 26-millimetre stroke, and 32.2-millimetres bore. 

Its fuel requirement is a mix of gasoline and two-stroke oil with a ratio of 50:1. The recommendation is to use 89 octanes unleaded gas, and alternative fuels such as E15 or E85 are not to be used for the edgers engine.

It uses I 30 starting that requires little effort upon startup. 

The PE 225 gas edger can be used for both commercial and residential properties. 

It comes with a two-year warranty for commercial use and a five-year warranty for consumer use at it.

Best tool for edging lawn and yard

Best tool for edging lawn and yard

BLACK+DECKER Corded Electric EdgerBLACK+DECKER Corded Electric Edger
Number two on our list is the Electric edger and tencher by Black & Decker

This tool doesn't require any setup, and it's pretty easy to handle being both lightweight enough to prevent strains, and the 12 amp motor is powerful enough to let you do sidewalks driveways or garden beds. 

The most amazing of all is they can provide a clean, streamlined look to your yard's borders. It's surprisingly manoeuvrable and seems capable of handling some light curves as efficiently as it can handle straight lines, which is unusual for most edgers. 

The blade of this edger is made of steel and has a diameter of 7.5 inches, and you can set the cutting depth to three different positions. 

Another great thing about this tool is that it can be converted into a trencher with the help of a pull-up edge guide tool. 

Free assembly is also quick and hassle-free for extra safety. 

This model has built-in cord retention that keeps the extension cord wall secure at the same time the guard door can be easily opened for convenient cleaning access. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the position of the handle. Hence, no matter if you're right or left-handed, you'll be able to move it according to your needs. Overall this model is a great choice. 

It features robust construction and is very easy to handle. 

The powerful motor makes it a reliable choice for residential use, while low maintenance is a great plus. 

This model is also slightly less expensive than the previous edgers; however, there are some minor downsides. However, they don't affect its overall performance.

Have you found the perfect edger yet? Well, don't worry, we still have three more products to show you.

Best gas lawn edger in 2021

Best gas lawn edger in 2021

Best gas lawn edger 2021

At number three is the Powermate walk-behind 79 cc edger 


This product edger starts quickly and performs admirably. You might also do bevel edging for more accurate cuts. 

The curb hopping feature allows the front and rear tires to drop for a clean edge because it features an efficient four-stroke OHV engine, a manual recoil system and a three-point triangular adjustable blade. 

The right wheel of this product is flexible to level the edger when edging along a curb, providing that professional look to your landscape. 

The engine is equipped with an easy pull recoil starter and a bottle of engine oil with the edger. 

The 9-inch tri-blade commercial quality can also be adjusted up to five depth positions for maximum cutting of 2.5-inches.

Always use recommended oil type because dirty oil or incorrect types such as two-stroke oil generally shorten its life. 

The blade adjusts for bevel cuts plus-minus 15 degrees that ensure the durability to stand the challenges of a high maintenance yard to prevent fuel gum deposits and corrosion in the unit's carburettor and fuel system.


It's highly recommended to use fuel additives and stabilizers formulated for ethanol fuel. You might also want to run the engine for at least five minutes after adding the stabilizer. 

It comes with a two-year limited consumer warranty.

Best gas powered walk behind lawn edger

Best gas powered walk behind lawn edger

Southland Gas Edger

At number four is the Southland gas walk-behind edger for lawn & yard.

It's 9-inches and has a 79 cc engine that performs well as a regular walk behind lawn edger and provides extra benefits. 

This wheeled lawn edger takes the load off, helping save you from the weight and hassle of pushing and steering more than 60 pounds of a pure lawn edging power. 

It provides a lot of energy and the convenience of not having to wrestle with a cord as you would with an electric edger.

The 79 CC four-stroke engine is very capable of creating clean lines around larger yards. 

It has an adjustable front and rear wheels to help it hop curbs, so all corners are well-manicured. Besides, you don't have to mix oil with gasoline for this to function properly. 

Although this model does not have a push-button start, it comes with an easy pull start. 

The 39-inch triangular blades can be adjusted to five different depth positions to reach a cutting depth of 2.5-inches. 

The blade can also be adjusted 15 degrees left or right for bevel edging.

It has a well-made metal frame, and the blade guard ensures the ability to protect your edger for whatever your yard throws. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your guard looking sharp is to invest in a quality edge, whether your yard is large or small, minimal-scapes, or filled with flower beds. 

Before we reveal our final edger, are there any other products you'd like to see our review, leave a comment or suggestion down below, and our team will get to work.

Best electric grass edger and trimmer

Best Electric Lawn Edger

WORX Electric Lawn Edger

At number five is the Electric trencher and lawn edger by Worx

This is one of the best electric lawn trimmers and tenchers in budget.

This edger is not just a power edger and trencher, but it also rivals the performance of professional tools and giving a clean, neat lawn edge against flowerbeds and hard surfaces. 

It is a three-position blade depth adjustment that's fast and deep at 4,700 revolutions per minute. It can cut at one, one and a quarter or one and a half inches depending on the task at hand, and the cutting line indicator for additional precision provides optimum results. 

This lawn edger has the option to add a bevelled edging blade so you can also adjust that grip handle pivots for maximum comfort and control to give you a professional-looking line. 

It also has an adjustable shaft for the user's height and posture preferences. 

It uses a powerful 12 amp motor that spins providing premium performance and gives you plenty of power for both edging and making small trenches.

It has a relatively compact size making it easy to manoeuvre. 

This electric lawn edger has easy access to cleaning, and the batteries are included along with a 7.5 length three-position height adjustment and six diameter wheels. 

This edger weighs 27.73 pounds, and its product dimensions are 26 inches long, 20 inches wide and 12 inches high. 

One of the good things about this electric lawn edger is that even if you're not mechanically inclined, all the features and edging guidelines are simple to follow. So it's easy to use and smooth well that ends our review of the top five lawn edgers.

Now it's time to make your choice for the best rated lawn edgers and trimmers and choose the one that'll help you keep your edges stress-free smooth and easy.

If you're ready to purchase now, click the link of the product of your choice and get it at a great deal delivered right to your doorstep.