Best Electric Fireplace
Best Electric Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace -Gone are the days when you have to deal with cutting logs dispensing ashes and coping with that harmful smoke. 

Suppose you want to enjoy the warmth and elegance of a fireplace in your home. In that case, the enormous progress of modern technology creates a superior Fireplace product available in the market, so we don't need to experience those difficulties anymore.

The TV and media stand combined with electric fireplaces are becoming quite popular. It isn't a surprise that everyone loves owning one, whether they have a house or rent an apartment.

What about you are you thinking of getting one not only to warm your family but also to add style and fashion to your modern home as well in this post, we will present you the five best electric fireplace Mantel TV stands available on the market. 

We've come up with this list by considering various designs, styles, sizes, safety, and colors, so if you're finding a best fireplace TV stand to suit your modern home, stay tuned, and now, let's begin.

40-inch Highland Media Console electric fireplace

At number one is the 40-inch Highland Media Console electric fireplace TV stand in faux stone gray.

This is one of the bestsellers from the home decorators collection.

This cozy furniture has an elegant design of a classic rustic look in brushed dark pine top extended with realistic gray faux stones.

The built-in firebox has energy-saving LED technology, and its spectra fire effects have three display options blue, amber, and realistic log setting an ember bed.

It also creates a cozy flame effect that you can enjoy all year long, either with or without heating function. 

Its heater uses an energy-efficient quartz infrared technology to distribute the heat without changing its natural air humidity.

It can warm up to 1,000 square feet, giving you a comfortable breath of fresh air as you protect your room from over-drying.

The fireplace TV stand also has a digital thermostat with a functional remote control and two triple-A batteries for added convenience. 

It'll allow you to control the room temperature according to your preferences from any part of the room. 

This safer plug fire prevention technology is a unique addition that I'll allow you to use the fireplace worry-free around pets and children.

The timer can also be set from 30-minutes to up to 9 hours and can shut off when desired heat is achieved to prevent overheating.

This Highland 40 inch Media Console electric fireplace TV stand, and faux gray stone is simple and easy to operate a piece of stunning cozy furniture that'll add style to any part of your house. 

Albury 31-inch freestanding compact infrared electric fireplace

At number two is the Albury 31-inch freestanding compact infrared electric fireplace in espresso from Hampton bay. 

This compact, sturdy piece of furniture is the next item on our list because it's affordable compared to the others. Still, it also offers features just like that of an expensive electric fireplace.

It provides a different feel like the flame height control and flicker fading in 10 seconds, allowing you to enjoy the room's cozy ambiance.

The heater works with quartz infrared and provides enough heat for a 1,000 square foot without drying the natural humidity.

This simple design and a broader concept are more than enough to give you and your family that realistic feeling of sitting beside the fireplace. 

It's capable of 11 settings allowing you to regulate room temperature to your liking with this you can have a worry-free warm atmosphere because of its programmable and functional remote control that can shut off the heater immediately when the heat required is reached.

This fireplace TV stand does not need any special wiring; you have to plug in the unit into any standard 120-volt plug-in style outlet. 

You'll love to grab this item because of its compact design. 

It's large enough to accommodate a flat-screen TV and media components.

The freestanding 31-inch multifunctional fireplace TV stand measures 31-inches wide by 13 inches deep by 34 inches high.

The CSA certified EPA approved an FCC listed fireplace weighs just 64.5 pounds.

 It has a one-year limited warranty and a 90-day returnable option.

This electric fireplace TV stand is one of the best options available today, especially if you're on a tighter budget. 

It'll add a modern touch to any home at that affordable price well. 

What did you think of the first two fantastic fireplace TV stands? 

Did one of them fit your preferences? Well, if not, don't worry; we have three more to go.

Silverton 48 inch electric fireplace by Real flame

Number three is the Silverton 48 inch electric fireplace in white from real flame.

This luxurious electric fireplace TV stand is a must-have for everyone who wants the best for their modern home. 

This freestanding, multifunctional electric fireplace is fabricated in solid wood and veneered MDF. 

It shows off its excellence and the beautiful white finish. It comes as one of the top picks of the various fireplace TV stands for consumers. 

Today fireplace TV stands from real flame is also available in dark mahogany or black finish so you can grab one that matches your furniture.

This stylish furniture will no doubt become the focus of any room. It can also accommodate a flat panel TV and other media components, giving you a theater experience right in your home. 

It brings elegance to the room where you can entertain guests or use it as a place for family gatherings. 

It features a programmable thermostat with a digital readout display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can control for up to nine hours; you can also enjoy the convenience of regulating the perfect settings according to your preference with its functional remote control. 

The firebox highlights its ultra-bright LED technology that has five setting adjustments, and its dynamic flicker, it displays a realistic and captivating amber effect that adds the feeling of having a real wood fire burning in your home.

The fireplace is easy to assemble and requires no special wiring. All you need to do is connect the item to any standard power outlet and enjoy the warmth that provides enough heat up to a 1,000 square foot room while maintaining the air's natural humidity. 

The mantle measures 48-inches wide by 13-inches deep by 41- inches high along with the firebox. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 90-day returnable option.

This versatile Silverton 48-inch electric fireplace and white from real flame is also one ul listed and is one of the best looking and multifunctional electric fireplace TV stands available today.

31 inch Albury freestanding compact infrared electric fireplace 

At number four is the 31 inch Albury freestanding compact infrared electric fireplace.

 It is a trendy traditional look of a fireplace mantel.

Its built-in firebox has a realistic log set and flame design with LED technology, thanks to its adjustable flame height and amazing flickering. 

You can customize and enjoy the cozy ambiance all year round, either with or without the heat function. 

It's safe for your pets and kids year-round because it does not admit any harmful elements, aside from the fact that this mantel is less expensive.

The thermostat sensor with 11 options allows you to adjust the heat in a continuous or variable setting. 

It uses quartz infrared with cheap zone heating while maintaining its natural air humidity with its heating range capable of taking care of a 1,000 square foot room.

Its functional remote control allows you to regulate the heating options according to your liking from anywhere in the room. You can also set the programmable options into an automatic shut off when the warmth desired is reached.

The stand dimensions are 34-inches high by 31-inches wide by 13- inches deep. 

It's easy to assemble in a freestanding position, and it also does not need any special wiring, all you need to do is plug it into a standard outlet.

This mantle prides itself on being a standard Canadian Association certified EPA approved and FCC listed.

The eye-catching design, with its expansive concept, adds style and warmth to any corner of your room.

Quakers town 29-inch freestanding electric fireplace

At number 5 is the Quakers town 29-inch freestanding electric fireplace with remote in like an oak stain from life smart.

It has a large electric firebox with the dimensions of 26-inches wide by 20-inches high.

It has three commercial grade quartz infrared elements that Curie soft and comfortable heat capable of heating a 1,000 square foot spacious room without drying out the natural moisture.

You can also enjoy the warmth and soothing ambiance of its realistic flames as the fireplace can work with or without the heater being switched.

Its thermostat sensor allows you to control the heat you desire but will shut off once the temperature reads that specific heat. 

It also comes with a functional remote control that will enable you to control the flame height and brightness options to your liking.

It features a sleep timer programmable for up to 12 hours and thanks to its stunning realistic dancing flames. You and your guests will get the feeling of being in a relaxing environment beside a real fireplace, another great value that is superior quality.

It remains cool to the touch while in use, so it's safe for your TV and other media devices placed on top.

Its compact dimensions allow you to save extra space because the TV stand is installable in a zero-clearance position with a classic design.

The stand from life smart is one of the best fireplace TV stands available today. It's suitable for homes and smaller apartments.

Suppose you're more into a traditional style, as you can see. In that case, these electric fireplace TV stands are stunning pieces, and each item offers satisfaction in the market by combining the two valuable functions into one. You'll be surprised at how comforting and relaxing these stands can be. 

We hope this list has helped you decide which one is right for you. If you've picked one from above, check out the links in the fireplace review to find it at its best deal, and if there's another product you'd like to see our review in the future, leave your comments below.