Best robotic pool cleaner for small & large pools

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020 (Buying Guide)
Robootic pool cleaner

If you want a swing pool, you'll agree that it's both a luxury and a precious asset not only does it increase the value of your property but it also introduces a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape.
Of course, it's the perfect place for hosting exciting summer parties, but despite the many things revolving around these important structures, their open nature means they're prone to contamination from humans and surrounding environment that can cause disease and illness worse. 

Yet poorly maintained pools is a health hazard and can lead to severe injuries or even death. It's essential to conduct routine swimming pool maintenance to ensure it's operating at peak condition. You'll not only avert potential ramifications that may arise from swimming in a contaminated pool, but also minimize the cost associated with hiring professional cleaners.

Everybody wants to have a clean pool, but of course, we all have limited time, so keeping it that way can be difficult that's why there are devices out there to help keep your pool sparkling clean. One of these devices is a robotic cleaner that uses suction systems hyper brushing and scrubbing, and advanced filtration.

Shopping for a robotic pool cleaner online is not a fast or easy process. There are many manufacturers and a lot of misleading product descriptions, making it almost impossible to get the right quality product and with an investment as necessary as a robotic pool cleaner. 

The last thing you want to do is blindly jump in without full knowledge, so in this post, we've compiled the list the 5 best robotic pool cleaners for small & large pools in 2021 to help you make your decision whether you're only looking for a small machine for a backyard swimming pool or a larger unit to clean a commercial size pool you'll find something to match your needs. so let's start

Best robotic pool cleaner under $1000

Best robotic pool cleaner under $1000
Best robotic pool cleaner under $1000

At number one is the Proteus automatic DX 4 robotic pool cleaner by Dolphin.

This is easily one of the most innovative low-maintenance robotic pool cleaners on the market powered by a 24-volt moter.

This under water Machine takes pool cleaning to the next level by leveraging mapping technology. Every session begins with a 20-minute pool mapping to ensure that it follows the most effective path and prevents crossing over already cleaned areas within two hours.

It can clean a surface area of up to 25 by 40 feet, which is relatively large compared to what most of its peers do thanks to the DX fours multi-tiered filtration system.

This Machine is also able to separate large chunks of debris from the finer dirt particles and purify up to 4233 gallons in an hour. Additionally, the active brushing technology helps the robot scrub away all the dirt algae and bacteria.

Clinging to the pool surface, leaving it sparkling clean and that, the DX forest power stream mobility system gives the Machine a strong vertical grip while the precision. 

Navigation ensures that it maneuvers around objects blocking its path without straying from its original route. Once you're done cleaning, you can easily remove the dirt basket via the top-load access without making a mess.

Another thing you'll love about the dolphin Proteus dx4 is that it's built with your convenience. It includes a smart weekly time control, so you don't have to worry about switching it on.

It also comes with a 65-foot floating cable meaning you'll never come home to discover.

Dx4 is the brainchild of mate Ronix, one of the oldest manufacturers of robotic cleaners. Its streamlined components make it super easy to repair that even your local dealer can easily perform. 

It's backed by a three-year part and labor warranty, meaning you don't have to worry about a thing going back to the shop in case of repairs, go ahead and invest in this powerful, sleek robotic pool cleaner and enjoy a spotless swimming pool.

Best in ground robotic pool cleaner

Best in ground robotic pool cleaner
Best in ground robotic pool cleaner

Number two is the Polaris Sport F9550 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner.

This swimming pool cleaner is a tizzy pool cleaning machine that combines everything you'd need or might want in a robotic pool cleaner, unlike most contemporary robotic cleaners that come with navigation tracks.

The f9550 sits atop for large anti-slip aqua track tires. It allows the machine to move from the floor of your pool, up the walls onto the stairs smoothly, and finally to the waterline. 

When it comes to cleaning, the Polaris f9550 is back with state-of-the-art AI and mapping tech, which creates a digital layout of your pool by scanning every inch and then creates the most efficient path to touch all the areas once.

The mapping is done and programmed into the scheduler. The Polaris f95 50 deploys the vortex vacuum technology, which creates an incredibly strong suction and gets rid of grime gunk and other large pieces of debris. Still, grip and suction alone aren't enough to leave your swimming pool spotlessly clean. Although many robots have ample cleaning power, they struggle to reach the pool's critical areas, such as the waterline.

The Polaris F 9550 has a water line mode, which allows the machine to give the waterline a little extra attention often, the water line can be one of the worst looking parts of a pool.

The F 9550s 70-foot non-tangle power cord is a welcome addition. It facilitates hassle-free underwater mobility without having to worry about the robot choking itself or wrecking.

The power cord, while it's added if you're looking for a powerful, highly programmable pool cleaning rig. 

The Polaris f9550 sport robotic in-ground four-wheel-drive swimming pool cleaner is a solid buy. Its AI-based mapping technology gives it unparalleled cleaning performance. The large anti-slip aqua tracks tires and long cord allow for unmetered underwater mobility; however, you may have to invest in a fine dirt filter because it's not great with finer dirt.

Best small pool robot cleaner 

Best small pool robot cleaner
Best small pool robot cleaner

At number three is the PAXCESS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner.

This hassle-free robotic pool cleaner does an excellent job of cleaning your pool thanks to its wall-climbing ability and the dual cleaning for PVC brushes and powerful suction.

This robot can simultaneously loosen and remove grime gunk and dirt along with the floors and walls of the pool, the debris is then stored inside the cartridge filters where they can be discarded later. 

Paxcess 50-foot long power cord is strong durable and flexible preventing it from snapping or getting tangled and since it moves together with the robot makes the cleaning process much faster compared to using a static cord for a robotic cleaner of its size and class.

The paxcess automatic pool cleaner is a commendable job by embracing the concept of scheduling. It integrates three different programmable settings which help you determine the maximum number of hours that you want the pool cleaner to run.

With these settings, you can choose to clean your pool for anything between one to three hours, depending on its prevailing conditions or the urgency of use.

If you're looking to buy a fantastic robotic pool cleaner without spending a fortune than the Paxcess an automatic robotic pool cleaner is a worthy contender. It as a practical design offers a ton of cleaning power and is highly programmable; unfortunately, you will need to manually clean the waterline because it's not built for that finally.

Best swimming pool robot cleaner

Best swimming pool robot cleaner
Best swimming pool robot cleaner

At number four is the SharkVac XL robotic pool cleaner by hayward

This premium quality high-capacity robotic pool cleaner is designed to deliver excellent pool cleaning formants day in and a day out without a fuss boasting of a standard cleaning cycle of three hours and cleaning capacity of 20 by 40 feet.

It's backed by smart steering technology which helps map the size of your pool and determine the most efficient route to follow the efficient brushes, powerful suction and low-profile design give the shark back excel unparalleled scouring and polishing ability to get rid of grime dirt or algae stuck on your pool's floor and walls.

The dual filtering system is superfine pores allowing it to capture both the large debris and even the tiniest dirt to save on cost. The filters are removable via the unique access to Bri chamber and cleaning using a garden hose unlike other units on our list.

The shark vac XL requires no extra hookups or hoses giving it unmetered underwater mobility and as it turns out. 

It's one of the most energy-efficient robotic pool cleaners on our list. It uses 94% less energy, and its power consumption can only be compared to that of a light bulb that means you get to enjoy the services of the most resilient pool cleaning robot and yet pay cents on your electricity bills.

You'll also be glad to note that this machine is engineered with safety and durability in mind. It's integrated with two sensors the out of water sensor, and the beach entry sensor. It helps it automatically detect when the machine is about to get out of the water when cleaning the water line and adjust its course accordingly.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

At number five is the Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner.

This robotic pool cleaner is one of the most technologically advanced on our list. This is designed to mimic a tank-like build. 

The smooth exterior surface and rounded edges make it aerodynamic in the water immediately, and you'll immerse the dolphin Triton Plus into your pool.

The smart, clean navigation system will kick in with the aid of multiple sensors and AI software. It maps out the shape and size of the entire pool for a quick, efficient, and thorough cleaning.

The Triton Plus is also the first robotic pool cleaner to deploy smart anti-tangle algorithms to prevent the 65-foot hose from tangling under the hood.

A multi-tiered filtration system uses four fine filters to trap large twigs leaves and acorns and for ultrafine filters to trap tiny algae and fine sand. This gives the Machine the ability to go through 4320 gallons of water in a single hour.

When it comes to cleaning, the Triton plus has a standard pool cleaning time of about two hours, which is a modest improvement compared to what other cleaning robots offer. However, if you have surprise guests coming over, you can use the quick clean mode to get the work done in just one hour.

One of the most outstanding features that set this robotic cleaner apart from its peers is the power stream feature. It's designed to give the robot a better grip during vertical climbing, allowing it to clean the pool walls quickly and reach the waterline without sliding down. 

The Triton pool cleaner also relies on the active brushing system. The system has a large brush and spins at twice the Machine's speed, which helps loosen even the most stubborn dirt and grime being so technologically advanced.

 The dolphin Triton plus also throws in a Bluetooth remote control, unlike other robotic pool cleaners that solely offer a dedicated handheld remote.

You can control this cleaner using your smartphone and customize the cleaning operation. With that said, the Bluetooth connectivity is relatively weak. You have to be within 300 feet to control the Machine, to sum up, though that dolphin Triton plus is an excellent cleaner and more of an investment than an expense, it's powerful saves time and has multiple smart features help keep your pool in top shape.

There we have five best robotic pool cleaner for small & large pools on the market whether there's a tree near your pool that keeps dropping leaves or your pool is a little shallow and becoming a nuisance.

We hope that our list will help you find a good quality high-performing pool cleaner that's ideal for your type that matches your needs and most importantly cleans every inch of your pool.