Best pole saws for tree trimming

Best Pole Saws in 2020|Review and Buying Guide
Pole Saws

Keeping a beautiful landscape with cutting branches, small limbs, and shrubs can be fulfilling, but it can also be time-consuming and dangerous. If you're using a chainsaw and ladder, fortunately, there are a lot of power tool companies out there that have developed a more compact, easy way to get to those hard-to-reach branches they're called the pole saw whether you're a professional landscaper or just a novice.

The pole saw is a perfect tool to use when trees need trimming or pruning. It's no doubt that this equipment is also a safer option when cutting branches in higher areas, you don't have to get out the ladder, and it can be a real time-saver, especially if you have trees that always need to be trimmed. 

We've created a list of the five best pole saws for tree trimming available in the market that can be perfect for your yard. We are confident you'll find the best item on this list to fit your budget and suit your needs. You might want to check the links in the description below to get more information to see how well these pole saws work. Now let's get started.

Types of Pole saw

Battery-Powered and Cordless Pole Saws

The strength of a rechargeable battery is used in cordless pole saws. You should expect to get between a half-hour and an hour of use from a single charge, depending on the saw and the type of battery used.

Ni-Cad batteries were once a standard part of battery-powered pole saws. lithium-ion batteries are now considered normal because of their longer life and constant power output even as the battery drains, .

Cordless pole saws have the least amount of power of any pole chain saw since they are battery operated. However, they have other advantages in return for the lower power output.


  • Battery-powered chainsaws are more portable because they are not tethered by a cable.
  • Simply keep the chain sharp and replace the battery for low maintenance.
  • It's as easy as pressing the power button and pulling the lever to use it.
Cordless pole saws usually have 8" to 10" bars to enable users to trim small to medium trees. A cordless pole saw is a handy choice for the homeowner who has a few simple, occasional pruning and cleanup tasks around the yard.

Electric Corded Pole Saw

Corded electric pole saws, like their cordless counterparts, usually use 8" to 10" long bars. Corded pole saws, unlike rechargeable pole saws, derive power from an electrical socket and must be plugged in with a cable.

One of the disadvantages of corded electric pole saws is that they must be kept within 100 feet of an electrical source. Corded saws, on the other hand, have a number of benefits for those who don't mind staying plugged in:


  • Corded saws don't need you to check the oil or refill the fuel tank like cordless saws do.
  • Cordless electric pole saws are lighter and easier to carry than other pole saws because they don't have gas tanks or battery packs.
  • The corded saws themselves are inexpensive, but they also don't require the purchase of new batteries or fuel.

A corded electric pole saw could be the right option for you if you want to spend a little more time outside trimming your trees (while still saving money).

Gas-Powered Pole Saws

Forestry professionals, as well as homeowners who have larger properties to maintain and larger tree branches to cut, prefer gas-powered pole saws.

What makes gas pole saws ideal for heavy-duty work?

  • Gas engines with plenty of power
  • Bars that are longer (typically 10" to 12")
  • Improved Torque 
  • Vibration reduction and rear-mounted engines for balance are examples of comfort features.
Gas-powered pole saws are louder and more costly than any type of electric pole saw, but they allow professionals and homeowners to operate over vast areas and remove thicker branches without running out of fuel.

What is the best pole saw for the money?

Now you have a better understanding of the various types of pole saws available in the market so lets start our pole saw reviews

The top 5 best pole saws for the money available today are listed below.

Each pole saw has its own set of features, so make sure you get the one that's right for you.

You can be assured that any of the pole saws on this list can provide you with a high-quality tree pruner capable of tackling even the most difficult tasks.

Best gas pole saw for tree trimming

Best gas pole saw for tree trimming

Best gas pole saw for tree trimming

If you're looking for a product with fast and efficient cutting performance, then this telescoping a chainsaw is worth.

This tool is more powerful than other gas pole saw models that have been developed with its 25.4 CC pro extreme power engine. It delivers 1.35 horsepower.

It has 12 inches of bar length, and the chain size with this trimmer can reach beyond 12 feet so you can rest assured of a smooth cut in any tree even up to 21 inches in diameter. 

This saw weighs only 17 pounds due to its lightweight materials such as fiberglass for the outer shaft and aluminum on the inside. The aluminum collars on each end of the shaft and the D-ring handle give the user more control at various angles. 

Another thing most users notice is how comfortable it is to manage and operate aside from the ergonomic loop handle with a rubber over-mold. 

The redesigned engine mounts couplers and drives shafts, all help to reduce vibration. 

The QuickStart ability, even in cold weather, is also an advantage to save time and effort.

This chainsaw has a fuel tank capacity of just over 20 and a half ounces that fifty to one fuel to oil, the mix is equivalent to one US gallon of fuel and a two-point six fluid an ounce of oil to achieve optimum performance for this two-stroke cycle engine. 

Manufacturers recommend always using fresh gas with a minimum of 89 octanes or higher—this mid-grade to premium fuel, which is best paired with an echos red armor oil.

Best cordless pole tree trimmer

Best cordless pole tree trimmer

Best cordless pole tree trimmer

This item is another addition to the Ryobi 18 plus bolt family. It stands out for its precise versatility pruning better-cut control and smooth operation aside from its angled cutting head.

 It also has an inline motor that enables operators to cut even on tight spaces. It's designed to remove small limbs and branches up to six inches in diameter.

This Pole saw also features an 8-inch bar chain that can extend it to 6.5 feet, and it is easy to insert the extension shaft to let you reach up to nine and a half feet. 

The automatic oiler keeps the bar and chain lubricated and lets you run this trimmer with ease. The Clear View fluid window enables you to monitor oil levels, which you can check every 20 minutes, and a refill is needed to avoid damage to the oil pump bar, or chain of this pole saw.

 It's recommended to use only Ryobi lubricant. The said lubricant has been tested to perform at various temperatures and requires no dilution.

This cordless pole saw uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. Dual chemistry charger both the battery and charger are compatible and work well with all 18-volt.

The cutting performance as the lithium-ion technology has fade-free power and longer runtime. Besides, it would only take about 30 minutes for these batteries to recharge completely.

This lightweight tool comes with an easy-to-use manual and a three-year warranty.

We hope you liked our first two featured saws. However, we still have three more products in the post so stay tuned now let's check out our third product.

Best cordless pole saw for the money

Best cordless pole saw for the money

Best cordless pole saw for the money

This one is known for its powerful trimming ability and unique design and features. 

This saw allows you to work on high branches up to 15 feet with a maximum cut of 16 inches in diameter, and it has a great 20-volt power battery life which can deliver 96 cuts per charge.

The gearcase is made from a heavy-duty aluminum cast that's easy to assemble and take apart and since it comes in three sturdy pieces. You can remove the center section to let you cut low limbs with ease.

This pole saw is well constructed and weighs just under 8.5 pounds and comes with a chain cover for safe storage, another safety feature of this product is its angled head, which also makes cutting efficient.

At the same time, the rubber hand grip gives you comfort and controls. There's also a metal backing in the front that works as a hook to help you pull down those cut branches. 

The brushless motor design features an exhaust that takes the woodchips away from the direction of the user. 

It's also equipped with an auto oiling system that keeps the bar and chain lubricated. Hence, all you need to do is check the oil level; the bar and chain are strategically positioned on the left to give users better vision.

You can also switch from an 8-inch to 10-inch bar by manually adjusting the bolts somewhat similar to older chainsaws.

We'd like to hear your valuable comments on these items, so feel free to write your thoughts and comments below we still have two more products, so let's continue.

Best rated electric corded pole saw for the money

Best rated electric corded pole saw for the money
Best rated electric corded pole saw for the money

The unique two-in-one functionality of this tool takes care of cutting limbs out of the tree and eventually in foot links for easy hauling.

 It's well-designed easy to assemble and use. There's no need for a unique tool as the saw can quickly be detached from the pole, and in seconds you have a regular chainsaw that you can use.

Once the limbs are down to cut them up into smaller pieces, the non-slip full wrapped grip handle keeps steady hands while using.

This design provides comfort and better grip and control than having just a rear handle and front handguard in most chainsaws. 

The extendable anti-rotation shaft can reach up to ten feet, but it can cut limbs up to fifteen feet overhead with just a simple adjustment of the pole saw using it's flip and lock clamps. The operator can easily trim trees at varied Heights.

The saw has an angled power head for easy cutting and a branch hook so the operator can pull down to clear hanging branches.

 This tool is powered by an 8 amp inline electric motor with a low kickback, a 10-inch bar chain. 

It is also equipped with an automatic chain oiler for smoother operation. Its electrically powered operators should prepare for a long extension cord when working on large areas. 

This product is made from high-quality hard plastic and weighs a little over eight pounds finally.

Best battery operated pole saws for trimming

At number five on our list is the Milwaukee M18 cordless 10-inch pole saw with battery & charger.

Best battery operated pole saws for trimming

Best battery operated pole saws for trimming

This tool is a heavy-duty efficient, safe, and convenient. 

The product features two components the powerhead and pole saw attachment. You can rely on this power state brushless motor, especially if you're working on the hardwood. 

It's specifically designed for heavy workloads without worrying about heat buildup. The advanced technology applied in this tool gives you the ultimate control over the power to reach optimum performance. 

It has an exclusive onboard electronic system known as the red link plus intelligent system. It prevents overloading and overheating.

The pole saw is equipped with a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain. Three-foot attachment extension lets you read up to 80 inches and a translucent oil tank for easy monitoring of oil levels.

It's easy to maneuver balance and control as the motor is positioned on the rear of the saw. 

This trimmer utilizes the M18 red lithium high output XC8 battery pack that lets you start quickly compared to gas-powered pole saws. It's incredible to reach full throttle and just under one second and cut up to 150 per charge.

This product also comes with an M18 Rapid charger, which provides longer runtime. 

There you have our review of the five best pole saws for tree trimming on the market today. You can now start trimming those unsightly branches quickly and safely whichever product you choose to remember to maintain steady footing on the ground and always keep the handle oil-free. 

How to Use a Pole Saw

Ensure that the work area is free of obstructions

People and property that could be struck by falling branches should be kept out of the area where you'll be standing. It should also be free of trip hazards so that you don't collapse while trimming and pruning the tree's branches.

Make a plan and stick to it

You need to know exactly where you're going to cut into the tree before you start cutting. Take a few seconds to step back and realize where you'll be cutting.

First, remove the lower branches

Remove the lower branches first to make tree trimming and pruning as simple as possible. This will provide you with a direct route to safely reach and extract the tree's higher branches.

Stand in the Correct Position

You don't want to be struck by a branch that falls from the tree. To avoid this from occurring, stand to the side of the branch rather than directly under it.

Hold the Pole Saw Properly

You'll want to double-check that you're standing in the right place under the tree and that you're holding the saw correctly. The pole saw's end should be kept at chest height. You must change the length of the pole saw, not your body, to hit higher branches.

Make the Pole Saw to the Right Length

You'll change the length of the pole to be able to hit the branch you want to cut down until you've found the ideal place to stand under the tree with the saw at chest level.

Ensure that the blade is in the right position

Once the pole saw is the correct length, shift the chain of the saw to the branch you intend to cut with both hands. Before you rest the blade on the branch, take a moment to verify that the weight of the saw is under control. If you do, you can shift the blade to the branch's surface.

Start cutting

For the first few slices, you don't want to use the pole saw at full speed. It's recommended that you start slowly and make some grooves in the wood. This will prevent the blade from slipping and injuring yourself.

Finish Cutting

You can then speed up the chain and cut through the branch until your grooves are in place. Still keep a close eye on the branch. Even if you're standing to the left, it could still fall in an unexpected manner. You will need to move quickly to avoid being struck in order to stay safe.

Move the branch from workplace

Take a moment after the branch has hit the ground to move it out of the way. This avoids trip hazards in your workplace.


Are pole saws easy to use?

Using a pole saw for the first time, like anything else, can be challenging. You'll be able to cut branches and limbs much more easily once you've become used to how the tool works and understand what it takes to keep the chainsaw head well balanced at the end of a pole.

Are pole saws safe?

Tree limbs are cut and pruned with pole saws. Deviating from this will result in serious injuries and accidents. Cutting bushes, shrubs, trees, and plants with the saw is not recommended.

Is it possible to cut down a tree with a pole saw?

A pole saw is the right option to use if you have unruly trees and shrubs that need to be trimmed back. They are cheap, relatively user friendly, and can save you money over hiring a professional.

Can you trim hedges with a pole saw?

Pole saws are primarily designed to handle individual branches of any size and to trim trees, but they can also be used to trim hedges, vines, and brambles on occasion.

Is it possible to use a pole saw from a ladder?

Pole saws are much more difficult to handle than chainsaws; they will easily wear out your arms and cause you to lose your balance; and you should never use a pole saw on a ladder.

Which is better gas or battery pole saw?

Gas-powered pole saws are louder and more costly than any type of electric pole saw, but they enable professionals and homeowners to operate over wide areas and cut thicker branches without running out of fuel.

How far can a pole saw reach?

The majority of advanced pole saws have a reach of 8 to 12 feet. Manual pole saws, on the other hand, can reach well beyond this, with some reaching 16, 18, or even 20 feet. Since manual pole saws are smaller, they have less weight at the pole's end. As a result, they have a good reach.

How thick of a branch can a pole saw cut?

The longer the head, the thicker the branch you can cut.. Gas-powered pole saws are much more efficient and capable of doing heavy-duty tasks. Professionals favor gas-powered pole saws for this purpose. The maximum thickness that a pole saw can reliably cut is between 7 and 9 inches.

Final thoughts

You'll be able to complete your residential or professional landscaping projects with ease if you have the right pole saw. When shopping for a pole saw, it's critical to choose one that will meet your needs. If you plan to purchase one of the pole saws we suggested or a different model, keep the above-mentioned considerations in mind when you shop to ensure you get the best deal.